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  When I was a child,
  you bring me to the market,
  teaching me how to handle problems in my life.
  Yet you're smiling,
  saying that I have to be prepared for what's coming next,
  I don't quite understand,
  I do know you're important for me,
  I won't let anythig harmful happens to you.

  Turning 18,
  I've got my own child,
  guiding them to fullfill their dreams.
  You heard me in the corner,
  I see you're smiling.

  Few years later,
  my kids are growing,
  they're leaving home for a better life and dreams once had.
  You are smiling like a baby,
  purely beautiful,
  even though you know you don't have much time left in this world,

  One day,
  I'll keep smiling,
  that's who we are and things you've taught me.

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