Friend...I never know

in #poetry3 years ago

When I hurt you
Hurt your persuasion
Maybe no one knows
Your heart is crying because of me

I never know
Behind your mood smile
There was anger and tears to me

It may be difficult for you to accept
It hurts chest
To accept my forgiveness

Do not you hold a grudge
Sorry better than everything
So please accept my apology

Although ..may be for you
Not as easy as imagined

Just listen to me
Listen to me
Let me be something
Which means in your life


Im going through divorce and this was meant for me... we are the same.

Living inside a box is a poem im writing and will be posting this week. So follow me and check it out. I don't have much of voting power now but I'll give you what I can and I will follow you and I will read your poems and I will be upvoting

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