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RE: BEAUTY IS A CURSE (An Original Poetry)

in #poetry3 years ago

BEAUTY IS CURSE! (what a paradox!)

her thirsty thighs are like enchantment
calling to be travelled and explored
by passengers lost to humanity

No wonder, a friend of mine jokingly said, "I don't want to marry a lady that is too beautiful."

However, this poem somewhat shows the critical position of ladies in humanity. The reason why they must be inculcated with virtues and sound character at a very tender age... Inner beauty is the rare gem.

Honestly, this one of the best if not the best poems of yours I've read. Thanks for sharing @josediccus.


Well I lost someone I loved, she was too beautiful, that inspiredvthe poem my friend, of course she was too beautiful, she was the centre of attraction, because of that, I lost her.
Thank you bro, I'm glad you really like this.

Eya! Take heart bro. You're welcome.