BEAUTY IS A CURSE (An Original Poetry)

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Beauty is a curse.
that is sweetly imbued
a stench of cinnamon and rosemary
that fills the air with an ooze
a strange hunger for a greedy touch
on places so damp and mild
on those gentle eyes
feast on your ignorance

Beauty is a curse
you're a glittering clouds
Hovering like a shinning star
a mirrors of delight for men to see through
see through the sweetness to the core
a fantasy unlived, a secret undiscovered

Beauty is a curse.
That runs from deep within heart
To the contours of her figure
It's like a ooze of blood in moonlight
that invites the wolf, the lion and the hyena
you're like a touch of vodka and whiskey
everyone wants a taste to remember

Beauty is a curse
that brings bloody wars
to peacefull terrain
It's a fire to corrupted floors
It makes men muse in madness
a gush of lost boiling in
a little feeling of lust and blood
spilled on innocent ground.

Beauty is a curse
that makes the home an unpleasant place
a space unfit for habitation
her thirsty thighs are like enchantment
calling to be travelled and explored
by passengers lost to humanity

Beauty is a curse
that makes a beautiful pine
a victim of unwanted pleasure
her heart is tired, but her body is a pawn
to unsolicited yearning
Makes her alone
When she's been travelled, explored and finally conquered




We look at beauty as a case study, sometimes being beautiful and attractive can be lethal, sometimes from a woman perspective, they only want to be loved and treated quite well by a single person their heart beats for, but sometimes they're wanted lustfully by people because their looks is so tempting and ravishing thereby making her a point and putting her in danger.
Sometimes her looks can make friends kill each other to to have her alone and alone for themselves, and at the end when everyone has gotten a piece of her, she is left alone in misery because she was a victim of her own beauty


Written, edited & analysed

By @Josediccus


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Thank you so much, I'm elated

BEAUTY IS CURSE! (what a paradox!)

her thirsty thighs are like enchantment
calling to be travelled and explored
by passengers lost to humanity

No wonder, a friend of mine jokingly said, "I don't want to marry a lady that is too beautiful."

However, this poem somewhat shows the critical position of ladies in humanity. The reason why they must be inculcated with virtues and sound character at a very tender age... Inner beauty is the rare gem.

Honestly, this one of the best if not the best poems of yours I've read. Thanks for sharing @josediccus.

Well I lost someone I loved, she was too beautiful, that inspiredvthe poem my friend, of course she was too beautiful, she was the centre of attraction, because of that, I lost her.
Thank you bro, I'm glad you really like this.

Eya! Take heart bro. You're welcome.

Beauty is indeed a bait which attracts all kinds, wanted or unwanted. Beautiful poetry

certainly my friends, thank you for the comment

Beauty is a value associated with instinct, emotion and positive feeling, which gives meaning to vital things ( thanks for shar)

No external grace is complete if the inner beauty does not vivify it. The beauty of the soul spreads like a mysterious light on the beauty of the body.

You're right, thank you for the brilliant comment

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I was moved by these words @josediccus. On point about women and beauty. We are beautiful If I may say, some look at us differently but we are created by HIM beautifully. Physical appearance is what some people are after but if you could see a person’s good soul (personality/attitude) that’s the real beauty.