Conkers (poem)

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Blue skies
with summer
clouds rolled
in when I
first caught
sight of him
as he walked
over the hill.

In that moment
we took
each other
in, as the rest
of the world
was absorbed
by our instinctive
smiles as if we knew
what the colourful
autumn would hold.

I knew enough
by then to understand
that this had to be a secret.
That the sleepovers
at his house
and walks
to the obscuring
woods around
the local hill
under the guise
of looking
for conkers
were only cover
for expressing
our teenage feelings.

No one noticed
the bags of unshelled
seeds we collected
Or made a realisation
we weren't playing

We took walks away
from everyone
and learnt
in the inevitability
of that first smile
those kisses
and clutches
on his bed
or under
horse chestnut trees.

It was the joy
of a single season
without friends
or fear
or fragile feelings,
which all
got in the way
as autumn died.

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This is beautiful. And a perspective into a life people like me can't really understand, even if we try.


Thanks Bex, I'm glad you liked it. As always, thanks for reading.

Really wonderful Damien, you paint such a vibrant picture. The duality in these lines holds so much weight:

Or made a realisation
we weren't playing

The poetic image of the conker itself is also exceptionally well expressed, lending itself to the subject matter perfectly. Appreciate you sharing this one.


Thanks Lazarus. Yes, I thought the image of the conker starting to unshell was perfect. Thanks for reading.

Amazing pace, like an autumnal walk, excellent imagery - I love the way you seize the teenage struggle of coming out of one's shell - great romance too, both modest and extremely colorful. The perfect translation of an ephemeral bound, before love and adulthood happen. It reminds me of how Colette wrote about teenagehood. Brilliant, truly :)


Thank you for your comment and fine observations. It was the elements you pointed out which make me really happy with this one. Thanks for reading.

This started of in such a beautiful way, but then it hit me as the "secrets" part came in. Gosh knows how many lies on where I went or what I did. I watched movies at home so then I would say I went to watch it and I could say what happened in the movie and if it was fun or not. It's nostalgic.

I truly love this. It is honest and got that innocence. I enjoyed how you incorporated the seasons with the duration of your relationship; the ending hits even harder. Could it be that you two were just part of a season and could never stood the test of time? It makes it so much more fragile and delicate. Loved it!


It's one of those life moments which felt like a stillness amidst the chaos in a very confusing time. Did I say confusing? It wasn't confusing for me, not the situation or how I felt, but confusing in terms of how I then had to deal with the outside world. Something you'll obviously understand.

I'm really happy with this one. Thanks for reading.


Yes, I definitely understand that. The world world dissolves and you're able to be so naturally yourself that wen you back to the outside world it feels like you don't belong, and you ask yourself: why isn't the outside world just like when I am with him?

That kind of feeling got me overvaluing too many guys that weren't right for me hahaha, luckily I know better now :)

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