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---Lecture & Leisure---
-----of a Fiery Teacher-----


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O Blossom of heat that lives
Between my palms, springing
as sunrays lick the horizon,
Teach me the method of
Greatest satisfaction,
That may enter I the
Vandal's heart of
Annihilant glory

That I may
Channel in earnest
The Fire of the Dream.

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That I may
Quench the burn
Turning to telekinesis.
Clump of boughs which hovers,
Arrogance evergreen corresponding the
Degree of devotion with which the others
Address the appearance of a face
Becoming the one that's not my
Own but someone more fierce,
Sinister and cruel with
Flaming eyes that
Pierce & punish
In iron rule

Pupil's recoil of horror
From impatience of torture of the
Teacher or was it indifference was
The sulfurous hellfire & brimstone

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wizard-dragon-flames-cursive-multi-blend (6).jpg


O Corolla of mercy that dwells
Between my shoulders, fluorescing
as wings of the drangonflown,
Instruct me the procedure
Of spiraling hydronics,
That I may cool the
Absurdity of a

That I may explore
Imagination's cavern
Mountainous with feeling

Ice stalactites eagerly watch me
Play pinball in hues of blue & red
Through the auric haze of time that froze &
Clung me in reverse. The unspeakable embrace
Of lovers that searched as symbiotes for
Homeostatic discourse, meandering
Through dimensions of dirt &
Shimmering beauty, the
Tutelage of mutual
scrutiny and
Affection of

wizard-dragon-flames-cursive-multi-blend (5).jpg


wizard-dragon-flames-cursive-multi-blend (2).jpg

So near, my coming &
My going - from whence?
Arise I into closed whites &
Colors staring from sockets of
Unnameable delights.

The aperture of fantasy had
Closed and opened up - what sorcery!
To a land where the water must heat to
Bubble and my mistress is invisible
In the psychic atmosphere of
Density & rubble.

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wizard-dragon-flames-cursive-multi-blend (12).jpg

Written by Daniel Pendergraft

All images are free domain use
Or property of their respective owners.

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This piece was a further development of a "linguistic sketch" I did this morning entitled Sorcery In The Dream Village that was created in a five minute session in The Most Dangerous Writing App. I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below about how that brainstorm evolved into this. As always, thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

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The architecture of these lines is pure gold! I read it twice, and was drawn deep into the words. Amazing piece! :)


Thank you very much for the kind words @tinajordan :D
I'm glad I did a brainstorm for this piece this morning,
Because I was busy all afternoon and the #dreamscape
Otherwise may have faded away...
I'm happy that you enjoyed it =]

Sing to me of embers aloft, wet or mist-like that I may burn
from within a
thin membrane of ever thinning pulsations. . .

Bravo! @d-pend, as ever you spark a sacred Pythian flame.


------------bows deeply------------

I absolutely love it. The whole thing, brainstorming included! Your flow of words is just a marvel @d-pend


Yay! Thanks so much for your comment and support @m31. I was pleased with how it turned out so I'll probably make more creations in this multi-step fashion. Actually, it started as a dream, so it's based on a true story :P

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I can feel the suspense and definitely the heat. I can almost hear the music that could go with this! Beautiful pictures too. Hope you are doing well!


Nice! I'm doing great, likewise :D

It wonderfull piece! really creative ...


Thank you @kouba01 :)

very good.
I would be happy if you like to follow me and give your opinion about my posts.


Thank you for the support @beautypics. I'd be happy to check out your posts :)

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Thanks Doc Otto. And thanks @banjo... I guess... we can maintain our uneasy truce, right?


And who are they.


Don't you know @drotto? I think you've being evasive @banjo.


I am not interested in knowing.


@banjo seems a dude with very many personalities. Amazing poem again, my dear friend. How you manage this consistency is one I look to.


Thank you.


Haha. Thank you. I have been aiming to be consistently producing, almost as a matter of life or death. Seems its been working :D

And yessirrah I feel that @banjo is a fellow of many facets!


Who created you?


And what are their names?

Great post man.😘


Thank you friend, glad you enjoyed 😃


Yes. Good poetry, strong imagination, becomes more meaningful


The mental picture of @d-pend I have is that of a woman. Confirm this, my dear friend 😀


Here is my rejoinder to gendered query @misterakpan.
I'm might be a pretty fellow, or a shrewish gal named Dan;
But due to other evidence, methinks I am a man!


Wow. I'm in awe. Such beauty! 😊😀

Beautiful poetry! Thank you for sharing.


Thanks a lot @ebargains! Have a great day :D


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cool! 👍 👍 👍


Thanks :D

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Thanks @melowd =}