Space-flown clock tower

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Space-flown clock tower

original poetry


clock-2952731_1920 (4).jpg

Rotating through ambiguous hours,
A stellar clock face I
Am a podium or an arena
For the recitation of psalms.

Nocturne dignified and paltry sketch

Pillar of the ivory coliseum and

Its foundation of verdure

I am a fixation

For garments.

Astonishing fire &
The dew of lonely planets
Arise, become sanitized, fluster -

Diurne jovial and bleak lament

Flashing embroidery on the quilt of space

And its near-invisible cross-stich

Its propulsion, cradling needle

I am a foundation

For stadiums.

The bloodsoil: ancient voices
Surge through organic circuitry,
And still my stellar clock face
Calm revolves through eras flown.

clock-2952731_1920 (3).jpg


clock-2952731_1920 (2).jpgclock-tower-143224_1920 (1).jpg

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free domain.

clock-tower-143224_1920 (2).jpgclock-2952731_1920 (1).jpg


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This is not only a Poetry in fact it is a deep message for all of us about LIFE IS PASSING BY

Yes, life is really too short and with every single moment we moving forward to our Death State.

I am always a huge fan of your sense of Writing whether you write a humorous Peace of Writing or you share your poetry , you always Rock the Blog @d-pend <3

I am Really much inspired by you My Friend :)

Keep Writing, it gives me Strength and Courage to face the Life Beautifully

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi @salmanbukhari54 it's always refreshing to get insightful comments. Many of my contemplations have time as a major theme because it is so poignant to me in our daily experience of life.

By the way, I admire the enthusiasm that you bring to Steemit and your stated intentions to focus on the higher vibratory emotional states of serenity and love. Saw that on your last blog post. Let me know if I can help with any questions you have about Steemit. You're welcome anytime to stop by my blog and leave any feedback you have. I really appreciate you taking the time to check it out! Have a great day!

I am Really blessed that i met such great Authors like you here on steemit who are always ready to help me. I am so thankful that you visited my post & gifted me an Upvote. ♡

Bandwidth issue occures on and off with me due to low SP but i am working really hard to cross 500 digit to get rid of this thing.
You are so kind & i am really looking forward to learn as many things as i can My Great Friend <3

This is sort of crazy, made me think of an idea I had of how the universe is like an intricate clock comprises of heavenly bodies and their orbits. Glad to see you back, life sure can get busy having a hard time keeping up my self.

Time is not only an illusion but also a liar. Let's be free of these chains that bind us with forces of gravity and vitamin deficiencies. I bow my head in submission. Curse you clock tower!! Or shall I say praise you Chronos for the few beautiful moments we share together in this ephemeral lifetime on earth.

How about some poetry on one of my deep house tracks in future productions and upload on @dsound :-)

That would be really cool! Do you have discord or Send me a message and we can collab @syzmic :-D

yeah sure. I think I have a chat hustory with you but I will check it out n send you a message

Oh yeah forgot about that, you were asking about @dsound the other day.

What a great, firstly, thank you for the fact that you have shared so beautiful,amazing some picture and fascinating writings among us.
And I personally am really very weak for your amazing writing.Also I hope you will bring your own writing like this to us. You are a legend to me I'll always be with you

@d-pend, Such a outstanding poem about Clock. The clock thinking those thoughts as you told here. Excellent writing & amazing captures of clock tower.

Hey @madushanka thanks for checking it out! Glad you're keen on it.

Perfectly wrote original poetry of Space flown clock tower.
Truly thinking; powerful ideas indeed.
Thanks for inspire me @d-pend.

Thanks @dragonking, glad you like it :-)

You're highly welcome @d-pend.
Your blog various style indeed.

My favourite part: " I have a fixation/ For garments "

pretty good @d-pend

Hi @coupleumbrella, thanks for the comment. :-)

You're welcome. I started to follow your work because you do a great job here, I like people who are inspirational, WOW people.

I'm in love with poems so I shall keep close to your post. Have a nice day,

Irina V.

Have a nice day my honest friend

Word vomit, with a dash of storytelling.

Oh no was that judgmental?



fantastic story and fantastic clock tower and other all thing in your post is unbeliveable...

Thanks @sohelkhan007!

Wow...excellent poetry, beautiful writing, amazing post, thanks for sharing

good post

Beautiful lines ! Great poetry my friend !! love the photos you placed !!

Wow! sir, it's really amazing story and historical clock.

amazing, thank you

Wow. What an indepth meaningful poem Daniel. Really touching our hearts. Our life is also like a clock tower ticking along with lots of ups and downs and we dont know when suddenly our life's clock stops ticking. Too good buddy. Regards Nainaz.

Beautifully written!

I think the universe is pointing me in this direction, which is to contemplate about time, and question what it really is.

I am not certain, but I have not been able to look at this thing called time except through these narrow linear lenses of mine.

Your poetry reminds me that there are different dimensions and that one should be mindful of them. The linear is just as real as the non-linear. And while my narrow perspective can never even seek to understand this phenomenon, I look forward to works like these that force me to think.

Thanks a million.