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original sonnet
by @d-pend

foot_of_hermes_at_mondo_verde_by_gonkbot-d6axy1p 4.jpg



The lean of hill which fulminates the law
Of flawless sheets of substance interspersed
Enchants the jagged rise of heav'nly maw—
Obliterates the light of planes submersed.

Tectonic are my heavy-handed toes
Which shift their trite and homely points to pound
Upon the soft and ragged stony rows
Of mud-ears perked in glistening surround.

If climb I could, yea past the mountain's peak
To tread upon the silvery dew of sky—
Then clogs for climbing paradise would seek,
And plan my tearful, smile-gold goodbye.

Yet Hermes gave me not his wingèd feet:
No matter how I, petulant, entreat.



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Poetry by
Images by

   I. "Foot of Hermes" by masimage
   II. "Prometheus and Mercury" by 44nathan
   III. "Pegasus" by maciejkuciara

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This poems makes me think of impossibilities.
Traveling with light feet, like Hermes, transgressing borders and bounderies. From the human to the devine and back. Who has not wished such fluidity?
Some can achieve a certain level of mobility that allows them to go places, meet people, do things.
For others, no matter how petulantly they ask, beg, demand, strive for, the request is denied.

Before the imposing "heav'nly maw", our tectonic feet become anvils that anchor us to "trite and homely" enterprises.
Who would not wear clogs and climb over the hurdles of the mundane over elevated hills of paradise? Who would not want to quit that which prevents them from their full realizations?
The question is, is it just a matter of wanting?

That is a great question. I must reflect further! Thank you for the thought-provoking response.

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Thank YOU @d-pend for the thought-provoking poetry.

It's my pleasure. The meaningful dialogue here makes it all worth it. I hope you have a wonderful day @hlezama!

poetry has a narrative genre and has a sense of art, reading this poem is at least two satisfaction we can achieve that is the beauty of the language and its antique meaning of the message

I, also, am quite fond of visual art being coupled with poetry. Happy to see you enjoy it as well. Have an excellent day @mghufroncholid31!

Under high skies
Hope is expected.
I am alone in the path of the world,
Still, pay attention to the floor.
Do not worry about the ulcers of the foot,
Thorns are also trapped.
Stunned, frustrated,
Khak has got the floor.

Dedicate to de-pend God father..

Thanks for your creativity and the dedication 😇

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Thanks sir ji

Thank you for being a member and supporter of the creativebot.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Keep Steeming on!! <3


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you are amazing writer. too good!😍

Appreciate the kind words and thanks for reading my poetry :-)

The big shoes have one wing. but it was looking so large...

A giants’ foot!

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Awesome poetry and photography

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Thanks @offgridlife 😃

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You’re welcome

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great line
"Of flawless sheets of substance interspersed"

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, as well as share a line you liked. Stop by anytime @technos :-)

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