Ruler of this succulent illusion [Day 13]

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Ruler of the this succulent illusion

original poetry


Lord of the Golden Gavel,
Million-eyed thunderhead in Janus-face-fury.
Wellspring of volcanic quicksand,
Undertow pulling into the bosom of Venus

Aphrodite's hologram extruded
Atop a haggard countenance
Of the perished Prince
& Lady of Ruination's
Indestructible incompetence.

Sibilant decay & euphoric mistmaker,
Queen of flawless geometries.
Sand-moulder & world-flinging infamy,
Thou brine of eternity, thou tipping urn.

Thy sandals of Olympus & Arahat
Planted firmly into skin of ore
Cement the world's warrior stance.

Thy blasphemy of evanescent lustre
In every bloodstream swift circulates.
Electric infinity & galaxy of voids,
Swallower of peasants & nobility,
Keeper of Keys, Clanger of Gongs,
Violet insanity & immortal vision.

Shapeshifter with savour unsurpassed,
Thy fascination surges through my inkwell,
Thy infamy revels in my pain.
Demiurge of one thousand religions:
Destroyer of the perfect &
Creator of the crystalline brain.


goddess_by_angelusnoir-d322q4f 2.jpgdemiurge_by_kamuihax-d7jatrt 2.jpg

Written by
Art by

1 — "Nhul" by Dloliver
2 — "Goddess" by AngelusNoir
3 — "Demiurge" by KamuiHAX

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I love every stanca,especially the closing one that spoke to me the most, save this one

Sibilant decay & euphoric mistmaker,
Queen of flawless geometries <these two feel fine

But these two feel like they are from a different poem somehow > Grasping the silver rose, Wearing the brooch of pearl & sunlight. < I guess the silver rose and the pearl seem like blunt instruments in a poem that in all other parts seems so finely woven. Sort of like a big patch of burlap on a fine muslin dress if that makes sense. But then I am weird with imagery ... so don't mind me to much. Otherwise it is a wonderful piece :)


@tygertyger, you have a keen eye: I am much obliged. Both with this observation and the last regarding the word "sombre" I could not help but feel the need to alter the pieces you indicated felt odd in the piece!

In this case, those two lines were intended to contrast the severity of the beginning with something bright. However, it seemed to actually weaken the piece's overall effect!

Actually, it seemed best to simply remove those two lines and redivide the stanzas. Seems a bit more cohesive & flows better now, I think. Thank you again :-D


Not sure if it is an eye it's more like when I read stuff I feel its vibration like movement or like I move through it ... then sometimes there is a wall or snag of sorts. Like stumbling on a path that makes you look what it was that made you fall :) glad I was useful :D

I see your face in the depth of your imagination
I hear your voice calling out from the dream world
And your illusions are so real, they became reality

I see the sparks in your eyes as you send me into trance
Your eyelids covered in story of an afterlife
Your lips talks in languages from another world

Fire in your eyes
Stories on your eyelids
Strange languages from your lips

All are the creations of your illusion
Oh great illusionist
Creating a world that never existed


Wow, @olumideolowoyeye , you also have your magic wand. @ d-pend is a magician of poetic discourse, but with your interpretation you stir the magic fire with his eloquent words that fill with light not only the commented poem, but his own comment. Excellent!


Yeah , @d-pend is my poetry teacher In Steemschools. Poetry is an art we promote in Steemschools. Are you a member of Steemschools? If you are not , join the community of intellectuals working together to grow together, no one will ever get left behind. Join here
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Quite a piece, @d-pend. I read these lines between deprecating and worshipping. In every stanza, there's a strong imagery which runs into the following(s); for example, I could anticipate the pounding of the golden gavel at some point thereafter –it did not come, but I kept the feeling all the way through anyway.
Indeed, what you describe is a multitude in one muse. Fascinating poetic power.

This seems to be one of the darker poems I read from your pen @d-pend. It's somewhere between x-men and Homer.

Yet there is a spiritual aspect that makes me wonder:

Thy blasphemy of evanescent lustre
In every bloodstream swift circulates.

Can this blood ever be free of the blasphemy?

Wow, in my opinion these are really deep words and it really reflect an deep world of illusion and illusionist who created confusing rules in the society and all over we have cruelty and the Nobel things are vanishing. Thanks for sharing this really thoughtful poetry and it have great message hiding. Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I wish to get to your standard of writing a poem some day, and I will write it as a post that you inspired me.
#steemitschool we win together

Powerfully written. I love the aliteration.

Demiurge of one thousand religions:
Destroyer of the perfect &
Creator of the crystalline brain

Pure evil.

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Great going on the challenge this is a pretty nice poem you just shared thanks for sharing

Dude, you are masterful with your use of words. I’ve never read poetry that actually made me sit and ponder. Love the images generated and the path the mind struggles to grasp. Resteeming!

Although I realized a little bit of it, it was very beautiful.
Fortunately, creativity is something you can trust and do not end up