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Open the Blinds!


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Panels revelled in the rajasic night of the city.
Chaos that knows no bounds, singing the illogic
Of society with pursed lips and a pained expression.

Gently drifting to air currents,
The stale inertia of wooden rooms ever
Mixing with the rank breath of wheezing cars &
Purified by the sweet scent of trees that
Dine on dying carbon in their
Grottoes of majesty.

IMG_3760 (2).jpg

Stolid, unmoving,
It caused shudders to behold;
The dim vision engendered by
Fear of the outside, of the unknown.
The terror was yellow-grey-black-white-brown.
Dull colors, sickly colors, that obscured
Life's variety.

The blanket on the couch that
Was woven in Mexico was the
Same colors.

IMG_3760 (1).jpg

IMG_3760 (8).jpg

IMG_3760 (3).jpg

How long shall we have slept listless and undreaming
Before nocturnal beings come to reap the harvest
Of our slumber?

We are blind if we do not reach forth,
Towards what? Towards that which shimmers
With the helical brilliance, that causes
Eyes to see and bodies to still.

Let us dash open the shutters,
Let us swing open the blinds,
Let us bask in the light of the life
That only our courage is able to find.

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IMG_3760 (6).jpg

Written by Daniel Pendergraft

Photos taken with iPhone 5

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This was much easier for me and hopefully I get it right. Sometimes we stay behind the blinds/curtains in our old world of dark, old colors, never venturing beyond them. We fear the unknown, we fear the changes, we fear taking risks. But without ever taking that step beyond the curtain/blinds/our self made barriers, we will live a plain, uneventful life of bland. If we have the courage to find out we can experience the bright light of day, breath the fresh air and experience a full and eventful existence. For many of us, we stay in the security of what we know and not brave enough to see what we could be. It is a personal choice we all must make. :D

I just love how a wonderful poet such as yourself is able to turn , what others may perceive as the most mundane aspects of life into a beautiful simplicity.

Let us bask in the light of the life

I love this. It has that kind of 'just let be' tone to it.
You have a great mind, your words come across as very wise.
Lovely as always

la combinacion del poema con las imagenes, wuao que calidad!!!!

Muchas gracias, este tipo de combinacion es un enfoque que disfruto mucho emplear. :) Debe tratarlo alguna vez :D

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I liked it all, good work.

I wonder if he has the courage to face the coloured beast.

Many thanks.

Only the enigmatic cyclone of time shall tell.
I have glanced at the script, yet the screenwriter
Had scribbled with ink pen on the scene in question.

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