Past future past.

in #poetry2 years ago

Looking forward at the past.

Will you judge when you read the things I write.
Will you see anything in this alien plight.
For the words you will fail to see.
Will you hate if we don't agree.
Will you hide the comments not to fight.
For all the things we can do right.
Will you oppose setting people free.
Or be the trunk. Supporting the branches of the tree.

Will you take away the chance.
Are you the one to ask to dance.
Are you the support that I might need.
Can you see the benefits that lay beyond greed.
Will you laugh again because I don't know the steps.
Or help by repeating the reps.
We build a stronger future by all working together.
An imprint in history, that can show example forever.

Can this platform move forward without war.
Can building be what the platform is for.
How big can we build with Steem.
Or how big can we come together and dream.
Can we come together to inspire.
Lift each other up. Help our friends get higher.
Just because we disagree.
It doesn't make us an enemy.

*** ***

Just a bit of playing with words. I am not sure if this exactly fits into a free write or not as it is a poem kind of thing. I did write it off the cuff though without editing. An attempt at poetry any way. I am also not sure of what tags to use to post this so I will try using the free write tag.



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