Boatsports90's Poem Adventures - Hokies Beat Dookies

in poetry •  8 months ago

Hokies Beat Dookies

Virginia Tech beat Duke tonight

I wish Grayson Allen would have lost a fight

But we won the game so that’s enough

We went out there and showed our stuff

I can’t believe it was a last second shot

The Hokies are looking pretty damn hot

We have to get in the tourney with that win

If we’re screwed over, it would be a sin

We’ve had multiple wins over top 10 teams

I’ve let out so many happy screams

I don’t expect us to go too far

As long as you know who we are

We are just the good ol Hokies

Fuck you for calling us chokies

We’re gonna make the tournament this year

And I’m going to celebrate with some beer

So good luck to us come March Madness

I hope we bring some teams some sadness

The win sealed it over the blue

Fuck Duke and Fuck UVA too

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I'll be thinking of you when I see VA Tech in the tournament!


Thank ya sir! I'm so so excited for the tournament. Football is definitely my favorite, the march madness is the greatest sporting event of the year


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I’m going to prefix this by telling you that I’m a UVA fan and I’m still bitter about the loss a couple weeks back.... The last line is my favorite


Oh wow, I guess we can still be friends, haha. But that means a lot coming from a UVA fan. It'll be interesting to see what y'all do in the tourney, looking like a #1 seed so that's a good start!