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She's caught in here, no way out
Her master keeps watch, even at light outs
She's stuck, no room for escape
She wears fear, pain is her cape
She's become a figure of ruin, and like a mannequin showing her failure
And everyday to her was the same
No good days, crisis days, captivity days, chaos days
Sold for nothing precious
Working endlessly for little or no resource.

Drenched on rainy mornings, emaciated in her bones
Chores entirely draining, but she must serve another's throne
The white men will make her cry
And sometimes, with her clothes off
Sucking the milk, blood and water out of the figures in her front
Leaving her with fangs to feed the seed

In the black of the night, she hears voices
Voices Without faces
Life is a mess so they whisper
Fortitude for the day, solitude for the night
Darkness became her clinging companion
Alien to a new world. Hot steel on tattooed words
The clock ticks but every second is a walk to her grave
She would look at the stars and wonder where she could find a place to call home

She was in hell
Some days, there was a meager meal
Other days, there was none
She lays there, recalling her appalling treatment
Working consistently during the day
That of a woman and also that of a man

The sounding alarm of"you will bring me fame
Which would automatically change my name"
He brags as he commands
And she wishing to put him in remand,
Was told sorrow tales for pleasure

Her world turned to pieces became her peace offering
Over and over
They would come
Bare body on ripped clothes
Blood, agony and injury
The resentment in the moment
The rage in the memory

Her world is inside out
Succulent skin and lips chapped
Drained in her endless misery

But what else could a slave girl be
Except a tool for her master's will
She lives to push his will

Locked in the cage to do his biddings
She dances to the fading sound of her heartbeat
Her hands and backs keeps bleeding
Her pulse keeps pleading
That someday, she would find her Haven





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