Waiting Helps Once In a While - An Original Poem Steemit Exclusive ( Motivational Poetry )

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Waiting Helps Once in A while
But Hey I am hones it's not my style

I want to create something new
All the time
That's why I love you
Who are liking my rhymes

You inspire me not to stop
More and more to put on top

I really want to help as much
With my creative writing touch

Sometimes I feel that I am not worth
But all those lovely comments do not hurt

Forgive me all mistakes I made
I am trying all that's bad to fade

It is had to have a perfect vision
But I am following mine with precision

It is not hard to be sincere and true
It is actually only up to you

By Angel Veselinov

Hey I really cannot wait to put my poetry here guys ... When I have this kind of inspiration. Hope that you have enjoyed this piece as well. :) It has been pleasure for me to write you another one.

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