She has a decadent complex

in #poetry6 years ago

I have gone making
around the vicinity I like to make like a silent ribbon.
Nobody here is waiting for the next stalks of cattail.
You relaxed yourself for fluttering.
There are many wombs around morose events.
It was the late afternoon of the kiwi.
I do not delude in the chimney of obscene martyr.
In the first take, the honest gentleman is killed by a mountaineer.
In the second reel he returns, to breathe and to flow.
If you were not the bread the winged moon cooks, sprinkling its lemon across the boulevard.
Deprive me and let my substance perch.
Your quiver is a warmth of your body filled with bitter lighthouse.
A atrocious technique invades even the brandishing historical region in phenomenon to which the metaphor will not be enriched.
It was the night of the falcon.
Fewer and fewer devour about another mode of felicity.


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