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in poetry •  11 months ago

Hello steemians!
I consider this personal and not really a poem. I call it poetic justice though, having noticed how things had gone wrong on our planet and the nature of man to upset mother earth with several activities I came up with this...
It's rather a simple one and light on the mind and eyes...



Take me to a place that kisses the sky
Where the clouds are blue and bright
Take me to a place that touches the land
Where the crust is warm and dark

Take me to a place that opens the waters
Where the flow and fish are safe and sound
Take me to a place where beings exist
Where love is a free gift and freedom a right

Take me not to earth
Where dreams are aborted and confusion strives
Take me not to earth
Where the sky bleeds and suffocates

Take me not to earth
Where the crust is scuffed with man's greed
Take me not to earth
Where I can't draw from its fountain

Take me not to earth
Where beings are subjected to colors and cruelty
Take me no further
for the imagination of my mind is ample enough to dwell in.

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Awesome man this is why I created this group to gather such great talent in there and we can enjoy our stuff : ) Thanks for joining us do not be shy and come to interact with the community you can gain only from this. You have been included in the Daily Dose.

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for the imagination of my mind is ample enough to dwell in.

Very fine ending line. I can't agree more.


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Well written man.
We all want a good life and a beautiful world to live in ... one that is more of a fantasy than reality.
But sadly, Earth is all we have now! :D
Let's work together to make it a better place to live in!
Nice piece.

Steem On!!


Yeah.. That's right
Thank you...

I enjoyed the flow and passion of your words. Unfortunately the truth of your words exist, but not from me, brother.

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Seen! Thank you
And also for the comment
Poetry allows for the wildest of imagination
It's the only place you can live without walking on the earth.. Smiles

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