Out of the blue #1

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Hello people! Today I bring this poem to you that @hypexals-spiral and I did yesterday out of the blue. Hope you enjoy it as much we did while making it! :)

Wind and water never seemed so similar, always moving and changing,
and while they erode the land, such mimicry makes our spirit blush,
we look to them for answers while our lives are rearranging,
and best they offer is a low end straight-flush.

As life is changing, the water switches course,
while the wind is fierce, or aloof in a breeze,
we just want our spirit to enforce
all of nature's teachings like it has all the master keys.

As the old masters said, 'as above, so below',
so looking deep into the starry night sky,
that moment comes and it will show,
why we look even deeper inside and ask 'why?'


I don't think I'm good at writing poetry though I enjoy reading it, nevertheless that doesn't stop me from trying and I liked this outcome. Please feel free to tell me what you think of this poem, I'll be pleased to read it in your comments!

Greetings! :)


I think that this poem turned out pretty great!
Glad you posted it and I look forward to creating more with you. :)

Ah lovely, keep it up and always be inspired :D @ailindigo


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Keep up the great work!


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