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"Is Love Today Fading Away?"

by Jeronimo Rubio

We need to start thinking about the people in the world and in our lives a lot more. Too many people have abandoned this way of thinking and fell into the "fend for yourself" mode way of life. Relationships today are hard enough without adding unreachable standards between two people.

Love is the cure for all. If we start thinking about others feelings and have consideration for what they are going through, imagine how much better love could be and how powerful it will grow.

On another note. We also need to encourage each other every day with hope. My motto is "words of encouragement are words of empowerment". This is how I live every day. So I put my thoughts into some poetry. I hope you enjoy my writings.

This poem was written when I was feeling pretty lonely and down. I had just been in a breakup and was transitioning from one place to another. A good friend of mine had sort of turned against me for a selfish reason so I actually had to relocate because I was living was his house after all.

But isn't it funny how things in life work out? Everything was great up until a week before this all happened and then " bam" it all fell into chaos. No warnings, no signs of trouble on the way and no real good reasons for it happening at all. But it happened anyway.

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Life is a true "roller-coaster" ride. With so many "twists and turns" in front of us always. It's being able to ride this coaster and come out at the end in one piece that is the true "task at hand." Now, when I was young, I was always one of the first ones to go and try that "new scary big roller-coaster." The thrill and excitement was an "adrenaline" rush for me and man, I took on some of the best there was.

But when it happens in life, it isn't much fun and can be devastating if you're not strong enough to handle it. Fortunate for me, I made it through (although at times I didn't think I would) and I am able to look back on it as one of "life's little lessons" that made me stronger and then be able to write about it and share it with all of you. I hope you enjoy it.

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Help me my brother... Heal me my sister...

by Jeronimo Rubio

Help me, my brother.
Heal me, my sister.
I seem to have lost my way home.

I've gone down the wrong path.
And I travel each day.
Broken and all alone.

The four winds keep blowing.
My ancestors showing me
Paths I have already been.

The sun beats down on me.
The great spirit has called me.
And now my soul needs to be cleansed.

Help me, my brother.
Heal me, my sister.
I'm calling to you in great need.

And I'll pray every night.
For great spirit's blessed sight.
To lead me back where I should be.

I cried today a little more.
Trying to make my way back.
But I will heal. Only in time.
Pray with me. Pray for me.

Help me, my brother,
Heal me, my sister.
Dark clouds are in the sky.

I fall to my knees,
That someone may here,
The sadness in my words as I cry.

Darkness is falling,
My body is broken,
My spirit is falling from grace.

I look for the light,
But it's nowhere in sight,
As the lines carve much deeper in my face.

Help me, my brother,
Heal me, my sister,
Before I fall too much.

And then one bright day,
When we meet in the sky,
I'll share with you all my love.

This poem was written during my healing process. Unfortunately, sometimes for people, the healing process can be very long, very painful and even cause them to end their life. This is very sad and is the very good reason why we should reach out to those in need.

Healing from a tragic loss can be devastating. Having someone to help support you and help you heal can mean the difference between life and death. Can mean the difference between you becoming someone evil instead of staying the great person you once were.

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Life is too precious to let events in our lives destroy us. To create monsters out of us or to feel we have no other choice but to end our own life. That is why I live every day trying my best to help others in every way I can. Show them the beautiful things in life. To let them know that they matter and I love them.

This is the "cure" and we all have the "cure" inside all of us. We just need to learn how to use it, when to use it and to use it as often as needed.

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Where is the love?

by Jeronimo Rubio

Where is the love?
No need to look far.
Just gaze deep inside your own heart.

There you will find.
A love pure & true.
That's ready to do it's part.

Ready to flow.
Out into the world.
A place where it's needed so much.

To heal someone, help someone,
Lift someone, guide someone,
Let them feel love's tender touch.

Show them the way,
To live out each day.
A happiness no one can sell.

And know late at night.
When you lay your head down.
A new story of hope you can tell.

A place of great beauty,
Of life never ending,
With magical, mystical views.

A place that was made,
For you and me both,
To live eternity through.

With wondrous gardens,
Of luminous flowers,
That glow in the day and at night.

A place where sweet music,
Is heard every day,
And helps us receive blessed sight.

This poem is written to remind everyone that there is someone in the world who cares about you. You may not think so, but there is. I care. I want to share all my love with you. I want to help you heal. I may not have the financial means to help with monies needed. But I am a good listener and I may be able to help you figure out how you can find what you need.

I want you to know that there is someone in the world who truly wants to see you succeed. Who will be sad if you are in pain or hurting. Who truly cares about your health and well being. Someone who worries if your okay. And like I said in the beginning, someone who truly loves you.

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"Words of encouragement are words of empowerment" this is my motto and the way I live every day. Be at peace with yourself and others. Live in peace with yourself and others. Spread your love with others and always remember to love yourself. Because you do matter. I hope all of you enjoyed my writings.

Love, Always, Jeronimo Rubio

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Feel the love ...

by Jeronimo Rubio

Please sit with me now.
Just let yourself go.
Feel the love I have to offer.

Breathe in it's sweet fragrance.
Indulge it's sweet touch.
It's a love unlike any other.

Like a slow gentle wind.
It caresses your skin.
Helping you feel at ease.

As your pain starts to fade.
And your spirit starts to sing.
Let the healing process begin.

Come sit with me now.
No need to be scared.
A place where nothing grows old.

And as we share these good times.
A new friendship we find.
Where we create great stories, yet told.

This love has no boundaries,
You know it's great power,
A flight for all to endure.

A love of great essence,
With glimmering iridescence,
A life changing, magical cure.

Please sit with me now,
And let us commence,
This eternal friendship as one.

A spiritual journey,
Through clouds of emotions,
That will fill us all with love so pure.

Jeronimo and Vanja - Photography by Jeronimo Rubio

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The concept of true love is fading away because everyone has a plan. (Well, everyone is 'expected' to have a plan.) This plan consists of some steps, and these steps are taken based on data obtained from observing the steps taken by other people. Every now and then, somebody will give you a good plan that is 'supposed to' work, because it has worked for a number of people, except there is no guarantee that the same plan will work for you.

True love does not happen in microseconds. It starts from a special moment and it builds up over time. It can start in childhood or adolescence. It can start when all your hair are white. There are ups and downs in every relationship.

As far as dating is concerned, it is nothing but testing compatibility with a person. There is no guarantee that dating will lead to a relationship. There is no guarantee that a relationship requires dating. There is no official rule book on dating.

You are 18, man. Getting a girlfriend for the sake of 'having a girlfriend' is counterproductive to your other life goals. Just enjoy your life and watch out of signs.


To be 18 years old, you think very well and you talk like you've already had many experiences with hehehe love relationships. I totally agree @kouba01, true love comes at any time of your life, just do not look for it, love appears alone .... and it is true nowadays love is a plan with different types of interests, but still exists the belief of true love and that is good. I know that sometimes loneliness hits but you do not have to worry, love arrives @adsactly.


Very interesting response but very true @kouba01. If we plan out love it generally won't work. Love is not something we can put into a schedule. It is something we must live with no boundaries. It is a feeling deep inside, a mindset of the heart, a Free-Spirited way of life. To live is to love. To love is to be Loved. Thank you.


I couldn't have said that any better. Love is a precious thing that takes time, takes going through experiences with the person and getting to know them on another level. I believe that true love doesn't happen until you TRULY love yourself first, so you are capable of loving someone else.


Well said. Having a plan isn't a bad thing, but it's also necessary to be able to have the flexibility to lose control occasionally and just enjoy the life we have been given.


no ... me thinks you need to take nap ... me watch fire while you sleep ... go rest GOOD K.I.D. ... you change your mind later ... you feel better after you rest ... me keep watch ... me sure ... me love even you forget how much G_D loves you sometimes ... me sure ...
too many GOOD WOMEN ... too much love for their GOOD G_D! ... too much love for their GOOD BABY LADIES! ... too much love for their GOOD BABY GENTLEMEN! ... too much love for their GOOD MEN ... uh hmm me sure ... me know ... me sure ... tarzan sure too much love for their GOOD G_D! ... too much love!

Life is a true "roller-coaster" ride. With so many "twists and turns" in front of us always. It's being able to ride this coaster and come out at the end in one piece that is the true "task at hand.

I love your photograph of you and Vanja and the other photographs are eye catching as well even tough it’s diferent source. Your first half of the story is sad. I can hear your calling for help. Unfortunately not everyone hears it. It is very sad when people are willing to go as far as ending their precious life in this kind of situation, they lost their hope, they lost faith.

That is why I live every day trying my best to help others in every way I can. Show them the beautiful things in life. To let them know that they matter and I love them.

The second part is full of love and positivity. And I love it and that’s what we should put our state of mind in. It’s all in our heads. Most of us had been there in the similar situation. We need LOVE AND FAITH in our lives and we will be just fine.
Very sad, happy and inspirational story and poetry.


Thank you so much @milano1113. Yes, very sad in the beginning and Love and Positivity in the second half. What people today don't realize is that we are all one with the universe. So, we need to be one with each other in life. The world today doesn't show enough Love to each other. Which, in turn, can affect others friendships, relationships, etc. Bad vibes spread out into the world will put a negative feeling on the people it touches. Then they turn around and mistakingly bring that bad feeling into their personal lives which in the end, brings more and more problems into the world. Thank you for enjoying my writings.

It's sad that selfishness is now the norm. Gadgets have taken over the place of fellow people. I'm conscious of this fact, it's why lately when I have a guest, I keep my phone afar off and have a decent conversation. We shouldn't let gadgets replace people, no.

Also, I think the music we listen to influence our thinking. No offence, but these rappers are doing more bad than good with their verses, and our young ones play them out. What you listen to is what you believe. You listen to Lil Wayne say "kill em all and keep moving", you believe you should kill them all and keep moving indeed.

It's a nice post, I'm resteeming this.


Estoy de acuerdo contigo, hoy en día existe demasiado egoísmo, las personas actúan y dicen cosas con tal de conseguir su propia satisfacción y no ven el daño que le ocasionan a la persona que usan para satisfacer sus necesidades sin saber si quizas esa persona los amaba de verdad... En cuanto a la música, también es cierto, sobre todo porque los que escuchan esas canciones son, más que todo, adolescentes que comienzan a ver la vida como es y que se dejan llevar por letras violentas y manipuladoras que a corto, y quizás, hasta a largo plazo los definen como personas..


So true @xtiam22. The world today has become so selfish. This is why I choose to share my heart's experience with everyone so I may help others I have never met in a positive way. Thank you for your words. @adsactly

Your post is really worth reading.

Somehow in ourlives we will experience defeat, problems, sadness, breaking downs, loneliness that we think will never end. But then we should never loose hope.

I always remember the line that I've heard from the animation movie "Sing" about being down. "You know what I like about being down, is there's no way but to go up."

Whenever I hit rock bottom, I always look and hope for a better tomorrow and I always tell myself that this too shall pass. To be positive when you are experiencing all the negatives.

It is good to know that you always have the ears ready to listen and arms wide open to those people that needs someone to be there for them whenever they feel alone.

You have big and kindest heart. May God always bless you and I genuinely wish for your happiness all the time!


Thank you for your beautiful words and blessings @annazsarinacruz. I live to love, to help, to support. This is the way it should be. I am glad that my writings and self experiences have brought some joy to others. @adsactly


Thank you too for this article full of encouragement. If (but I do not wish) I get sad and lonely, I will surely look for you and ask for some piece of advices. 😊

This was really beautiful and I don't only mean the poems. Everything you wrote here truly got to my heart, something that hasn't happened for a while. I hope your words reach many others who like me have been told all their lives that emotions and love specially are cheesy and should be kept to oneself.
This is a sad reality and media doesn't really help. It seems the only emotion acceptable are anger and fear and whenever love is shown it tends to be exclusively romantic and not very real or healthy. Other kinds of love are ignored and since media has become many parent's babysitter then that's how kids learn about love. As we grow up many of us have trouble expressing what we feel and sometimes even understanding what we are feeling.
Personally, I've found your writing beautiful and just what I needed after one of those bad days. I hope to read more from you.


Thank you so much @dontpullakath. I am so happy that my poetry touched you in a positive way. It is important for all of us to share our heart with everyone. In this way we can help others we don't even know all over the world. Thank you for your kind words. @adsactly

Love fades if you still have your own ego and being selfish. Love is all about cooperation, compassion and generosity with each other.


Nice saying sir @cortexx ..I 100% agree with you.

I liked your work, well done
Thanks for your words, Love comes in justice and respect between the people
we need that ..
Great post

We are already in the modern world wherein advanced technology overshadowed humanity. So many gadgets, entertainment devices & etc that captures our attention and we became attached to it. Even the child knows how to play with ipods, smartphone & etc instead of playing with parents to develop attachment, love and care. The love of humanity was continuously diminished in the upcoming generation. The family bonding that develops love and affection has been forgotten and were busy on gadgets, modern entertainment & etc.


Thank you for replying @elizahfhaye. I understand @adsactly what you mean. That is why I take at least an hour each day to go outside and admire all the beautiful things on Great Mother Earth. Not only do I believe this is necessary for our own sanity, but it is good for the physical body as well. To take in the sun and feel the warmth. To feel the cool breeze blow across our skin. To look at trees and animals of the wild and how beautiful they are. I believe that if everyone on the planet id this, the world would be a much more happy place.

Thank you, for sharing the Love, @adsactly. I wish Jeronimo Rubio continued healing and peace .

Just the other day I published a post (using your tag #adsactly) titled Why Marry?

In this piece, which is both poetry and prose, I spoke of my initial reluctance (given the less-than-inspiring examples I'd witnessed) as well as my own selfishness as being obstacles to settling down.

Celebrating my 10th anniversary recently I, now, see the value and sanctity of the institution. I do hope that you enjoy my post.

Warmly, Yahia



Thank you for your very kind words and blessings @yahialababidi. I truly appreciate you coming here and letting others know of your story. I am 100% positive that this message will inspire someone. I will live every day going into the world and showing as much love as I can to all people I cross paths with. I truly apreciate you.


You’re a blessed soul, Jeronimo! May your body and mind be free of stuffering. I’m grateful for your generosity of spirit & send much love back your way ♥️

very cool


Thank you so much @janrotas. I am so happy you enjoyed them. Always be with love.


where did you learn to write like that, your poems overwhelmed me


Thank you so much @janrotas. I have been writing and drawing all my life. I have written many things for many website companies. I also took creative writing and philosophy in college. This helped me reach even deeper in my creative way of thinking, writing and drawing. I hope you have a beautiful day every day.

Love is the greatest of all, it can't fade away definitely.. Love can always find you even if you at a place where no one can find you... Great punch line poem... Weldone!

But what I realize, is that I fear not love, but possibilities. I wrap myself in insecurity, but I still admire the sanctity and the purity of what love tends to bring. Maybe I’ll find love hogging over french fries and onion rings, maybe I’ll find it frozen in the midst of chronic cycles of suffering. I don’t know, I can’t read fate; but if love is anything like what I’ve had to take, I think I prefer to wait.


Thank you for your insight @shahaan. This is true. We all have insecurities but we must overcome them. And the way to overcome them is with love. We should never fear love because we are born of love, with love and filled with love. We must share it with the world always. If we were to accept this as our guide, then what a peaceful road we would travel.

Sometimes we complicate our lives by small things, we must mature to be able to take a relationship that will be a roller coaster but it will be more bearable ... Love is not easy but it makes us very happy.>

beautiful poems, I would like someone to be inspired for me

OMG.... The first line of this poem remind me of the last word my cousin said before she gave up the ghost "please don't let me die, help me doctor"


Ouch, this hit me...
So painful.
I'm so sorry about your loss dear...


Thank you

Hermosos poemas y contundentes reflexiones. @adsactly te congratulo

I agree that there is always someone who cares for us even when we don't know.
We all go through bad phases, it is very difficult to go through alone.
We need to find the people worthy of our love and care and hold on to them cause they're the only ones that will be around during those bad times.


Yes, @rjunaid12 and thank you for your words. In the World, somewhere far away or right around the corner, there will always be someone who cares. I think everyone cares about something and someone. We just need to show it more. Scream it out loud from the top of a building, in the streets, everywhere. What a Wonderful World it could be if this happened every day.

love heals every wound we have, we should learn to contribute to the society no matter how snall we can offer, if you find the opportunity to help three persons tell them to also help three people so that that the world we be a great place for all of us remember again that love heals all wounds
I do really love the peom @adsactly.
Keep on sharing the need to love.


I agree with you 110% @izuchukwu1506. We must all learn to share our love every day we live. If we are given the great opportunity to wake up and see the world for one more day. Then we have one more day to share our lovewith the workd.

Oh, I'm crying right now...
This is really deep and it speaks volumes to me.

I want to heal, I really do want to heal.
I'm hurting inside and I just can't seem to find someone to bare my mind to.

Thanks, your word of encouragement is really empowerment indeed.
Help me my brother.
I really do want to heal...



You will heal @julietisrael. I know you are strong. Remember, the first part of healing is loving yourself. Knowing that you are a beautiful person. You are a miracle of life. Everyone is and no one can take that from us. Stay strong and know that someone in the world truly cares about you. @adsactly


Oh wow, thanks much
I appreciate
I'll keep that in mind....

wooo upvote please.

Wow, nice pict

Well, it is always easy to talk about love but harder to practise.

Love is risk, because most times we tend to show love to those who don't appreciate it and it could cause a bad feeling from the giver.

I hope everyoje gets my point?

Nevertheless, let love lead. Keep loving


Thank you for your words @morgangreat. This is true. We can fall victim to another who will not share their love back as much as we share with them. But I will try my best to bring love to these people because they are the ones who need it the most. Something in their life hurt them so bad that they feel they need to stay guarded. But if we show them enough love and respect. The walls will come crumbling down.

Unconditional love really exists in each of us. It is part of our deep inner being. It is not so much an active emotion as a state of being. It's not 'I love you' for this or that reason, not 'I love you if you love me.' It's love for no reason, love without an object.

good photo

Good pos my friend

Great post!

I love to love and to be loved like a never ending love.
Today is my birthday full of love.
As I was reading your post, it made my heart felt great joy.
That all will be well when the right and perfect time comes.
I feel like loving everyone now.


Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @ronel. I am so happy to hear that you have so much love to give to the world. May all your wishes come true and may you always be happy and loved. Thank you for your kind words. @adsactly


You're welcome and..

Congratulations. Great article. The poems are wonderful. Thank you ! It is my honor to be your follower

Good job have a nice day.

So lovely poetry...☺👍

I must confess this poetry is strong that ur soul will never seize to soar and rehabilitated. This is wonderful.

This is wonderful poem and I save it.

I liked your post and I support you with my vote and I will follow you, if you can help support me with your vote to a new user help post.
Here I leave the link.

Love is fading away.. ..
Technology, social media, professional life/career just to mention a few are the top causes of this and even culture too. We can only manage the situation but for sure there is still live out there... Find it!!


please help like like or my steam voute i need friends friends

Muy hermosa lectura. Me encanto.. El amor es lo mejor del mundo.


Muchas Gracias @mayelismejia. Estoy feliz de que te hayan gustado los poemas. Gracias por tus palabras.


This is a very interesting read. Anything that has my minds inclination is of interest to me. I enjoyed reading it. Lovely dreamy kinds of pictures you got there. They rest my eyes.

Nice poetry,,,true love exists!!!

it is the essence of life like my love for horses

We are by now in the enlightened humankind in which forward-thinking technology overshadowed humanity. subsequently several gadgets, entertainment procedure & and all that that captures our mind and we became close to it. level the baby knows how to star as with ipods, smartphone & and that as a replacement for of live with parents to take on attachment, affection and care. The be in love with of humanity was always diminished in the imminent generation. The family bonding that develops feeling and affection has been beyond and were hectic on gadgets, present entertainment &


Thank you @zampa. We are in the enlightened years always. We just need to learn how to live there. Technology isn't a bad thing. It is like anything else. We just need to learn how to use it in moderation. This is the difficult thing for all of us to do. But we will learn. I have faith in humankind. We are starting to learn a little more every day. Keep up the faith and we will arrive just in time.

Your post so good, I like it @adsactly

Follow my post and vote up and I will same do for you , finished comment on my post

Very nice poetry

just speechless! i was feeling cry in the time of reading the poetry.....i love poetry too much but by this post i will also respect the feelings of poetry!thank u so much for sharing

this is what I am waiting for from you @adsactly, I really want what you will show in every new post from you. this is something beautiful, sp…


Thank you @marcosteem. I really enjoyed reading your comment. I will do my very best to bring more writings to everyone in the world. I love to write about many things and subjects. I hope with my writings that I will help other in the world.

Love is really different from different people. But in general, it is something all should do and that is to love with good intention. It is in loving that one should see the humanity in other people.

thumbs up for the Life is a true "roller-coaster" ride.

Love the roller-coaster picture awesome. I am new to steemit, looking to get into the photography community. I'd like to introduce myself, i'm @boyerobert . Please have a look at my link and tell me what you think.

Beautiful poetry and concept !!

nice poetry
i like it
thanks for sharing it
i am wating your next blog
keep it on

Very good poem brother. I like it. I have a poem. But acehness lenguange.

This was beautiful! Thank you for sharing the love. Everything you wrote about is just what I’m learning myself. Grateful for healing and for people like you! May love fill all our hearts, thank you! 🤗💚🦋


Thank you for your very powerful words as well @crystallynn. I am so happy that you enjoyed the writings. I only want to help others to understand that there is always someone who truly cares about and loves the world. You may not know who they are, but there truly is someone out there. I am one of those people.

Amazing post friends

Great post.....good job.......

This first poem nearly got me to tears. Thanks for putting this out and to everyone going through tough times, my prayers are with you, I was once there, I know the feeling. I recommend this song by Brian Johnson titled


Thank you for your inspiring words and blessings @gudnewz. We need to share our love and blessings so much more than we do these days. Everyone here seems to have the same ideals, morals and ethics. I am glad that I now know so many other people who are like me.

LOVE is like the healing balm to all Live's peril!
The whole world to me spins round the pivot called LOVE!
GOD the creator of the whole world describes Himself as LOVE!
LOVE is stronger than DEATH as fearful as death is!

Where there is love, there is life, there is hope, and joy is not far!

Your poem captures it in a way that the soul understands, but cannot be expressed in plain language.

Thank you so much!

This is the reason that the greatest teacher, the Saviour of the whole world, the one that has answer to all Lives questions and solution to every case says in the good book that LOVE is the greatest commandment.

@rabiuaudu thinks that if these poems are separated, they will be appreciated more! But because you are so full in your soul, you just pour them without restraint!


Wow so nice information

I like it. A lot. I am not a great poetry person. Mine tends to 'like/don't like. I like this.

I also like that there is a back story included, so I don't have to guess.

Thanks Jeronimo.


Thank you so much @bigtom13. It is so nice to see you here. I appreciate you a lot Brother. It's okay bigtom13, I will share all my poetry with you and we will grow strong and happy together as brothers. Love is the answer and the cure for all. We just need to show it and share it so much more. Thanks for stopping by. See ya in the Discord channel.

Sometimes I think the best thing we can do is leap for joy when we are in positions of weakness, because then we are truly strengthen by God's love which is true love..

awesome post. Keep it up dear

nice post


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Thank You! ⚜

nice post tnx for shere

The way of describe of words in poetry about love and it's feelings of each other, myself really thanks to poet of the day. Thanks for sharing, crystal clear.

Nice post brother.

I am totally agree with your statement that words of encouragement are the words of empowerment, actually people of today's world world doesn't know what love actually means. They don't actually feel it like it is the connection between two souls and these souls mingle with each other only when they trust , have full faith and care each other desperately.


I completely agree with you as well @sameerahmad. We must all learn to connect with each other better. We are all in this together as one entity. One spirit. Thank you for your powerful words.

Poetry is that the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from feeling recollected in tranquility.........Thanks for sharing such a nice poem.......


Your very welcome @abu.bakkar. I am very happy that you enjoyed them. Always remain positive as you are and you will succeed in everything you do.

these words catch my attention
words of encouragement are words of empowerment".
being a teacher I always use this technique for my dull students and its works

hi friend for me your post is good, i am a steemian supporter i like beautiful. I will learn better from friends in steemit.

Hey @adsactly. It is a wonderful post. Carry on future.

@adsactly Life is not always smooth, not all the things we want we can get,
Sometimes that we love often hurt,
What we hate instead he always cares,
So there is no need to cry the offending person because the person who hurt us does not deserve our tears,
Make yourself a diamond that is getting burned by the heat of the earth will become more valuable,
Wish you happiness
Thank you his nice poetry

A thoughtful set of commentaries, I found the accompanying poetry moving. The entire piece seems to be speaking to the ills and hopes for all our tomorrows.

If you love yourself and keep yourself happy then only you can make other people happy ,True love has its own meaning for everyone,a mother love for a child,a first food for a early bird,a smile of the loved one.A millions way to express true love

Is that a rollercoaster of the future? Lol. Look fun but I dunno. Great writing. I love love. :). Joy

I will always follow you even though you will not follow, because I just want to be a successful person like your friends, my goal is only one friend to help my mother from lack of at this time, that's just friend

This post is very educative and I will like to add that there are some people who will never look at your side for once no matter the amount of love shown to such people. I will advice that we should just always care and love those we are sure they love and care about us and with that we would be free from all time emotional trauma. Shine On

Yes thanks

Nice Article :-)
you put a lot of effort ! Go on

So beautiful

Love is life
Love happens when you ain't looking
Love has a spirit
It's body is in those who experience it with others
Love is beautiful

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Trazas el contorno de la egolatría que aisla a los seres humanos... mientras muestras el camino hacia la empatía... no solo hermosos los poemas sino también acertados... el anclaje en la derrota bloquea el camino que se abre tras la puerta que se cierra.. BRAVO Jerónimo ...


Thank you so much @carmenvina. I am very happy that you enjoyed them so much. I believe that it is our duty as people on earth to bring words of encouragement that will help empower others on the enlightened road to success. I hope you have a beautiful day every day.

Reading the first two articles I am reminded of one of my favourite quote by Hemingway: "the world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong at the broken places."

Nice photo


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excellent poetry.and very nice photography.
everything charmed me.


Thank you so much @salma-akanda. I truly am happy that you enjoyed my poetry and writings. I hope you have an amazing day.

A friend of mine had his father pass away a few weeks ago. I just saw him again for the first time since it happened, and he seemed so at peace with everything. It's amazing how resilient people can be. I imagine that a loss like that would shatter me, but my friend gives me hope I could use the experience to grow.

Very, very, very good poem, i enjoyed it.

Poetry is the best way to express our soul's feelings. Love, Loneliness, sadness, even the rage is a motive for writing it.

I also like to write poetry, and music too.

I am new to steemit, I fell in love with this post, I loved it, I invite you to see my welcome publication, I count on your support, thank you, blessings for all!

Could I translate your poem Where is the love? into Chinese and post? Your poem is so moving! :)