MANIFESTATION OF ANGER (A poem for my country Nigeria)

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This is not a praise-poem
but a manifestation of anger,
each line carries voices of mayhem
shouting: 'enough, enough of this hunger.'

I mean, this is not a metaphor.
Not concocted lines of simile or
sarcasm, these lines are blunt, not irony;
they chant: 'enough, enough of this catastrophe.'

These lines are not smiling,
they are not mirths meant for laughing.
They rather frown at these injurious laws
the ones that choke, strangle and eat us raw.

These lines are for the innocent criminals
who wears a vast veil and mask of scars.
They are the chorus for the hungry men
living life like a famished mosquito in lions' den.


This poem is for the missing Leah Shuaibu,
Akanji, Chinedu, Ehi, Okon, and Awawu.
It is for the souls burnt to ashes
and the bodies massacred to mashes.

This poem is for the IG losing weight,
yet every day, humans' life are terrorists' baits.

This poem is for you and me,
for those wandering on the tarmac like a bee.
This poem is for my dear country
preaching love, peace and sanity!


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