Floating with planets - original art and writing

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Floating with planets
mind awake
my imagination is accelerating
One hundred percent is walking

The universe is spinning
around my conscience
I see how everything starts
the infinite cycle releases me

Like a child
I go with my planets
fluttering in the cosmos
there is no height that reprimands me

It's my world, it's my everything
tiny existence
daily dream
so that it never fades

Everything ends
lies and appearances
time is relative
unfolding my patience

At the wrong time the sun waits
burning the whole skin
without worry
everything ends and starts

Direct to the sun
patient wait
pure energy
energy that feeds


Copia de proceso.png
creative process

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I hope you have set your mind to fly ...




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Wow, this is truly breathtaking. I love the colourful, otherworldly picture ... and when combined with the poem, this post took me on an introspective journey that I really enjoyed. It's got me musing about the intricacies of life now: how everything does come to an end, yet paradoxically, we are always beginning a new cycle too... Thank you for this, @adalbertodrums.

Amazing! very good interpretation of the poem and the illustration, I love your analysis... what you mean I would call "Solve et Coagula"... something like dissolve and re-unite, the cycle of all things in life. Thank you so much for taking the time to read. @aislingcronin 😎😁

Saludos amigo

Igualmente saludos... Me di cuenta de unos horrores ortográficos que cometí en un comentario que hice en una de tus publicaciones jajaja ya los corregí, sorry.. Saludos @edward.parra

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