The grass clippings are not important

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The grass clippings are not important
By Stephen Martin

The grass clippings are not important
Neither are the sleeping butterflies.
It’s a hopscotch away from happening
And a dragon’s breath from slamming the door.

I am happy
But not that I hurt you.

Maybe I am passive aggressive.
The therapist seems to think so
But I don’t mean to be
I’d like to stop.

Just know sweet one,
That I empathize with all your misgivings
I have sympathy for your points
I hear you.

Please understand
That I want to stand with you
By your side.

The slow tracking glances and guilt
That follow my needle point charades

Please forgive me
And take your time.

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The thin line between the|rapist and a therapist is crossed where their opinion is no longer held as a potential interpretation, a destination to be reached by a client, but instead imposed, by force of coercion, guilt or shame. Much like rape, it is an imposing of power, usually by someone who feels a lack of power - therapy is something else. The poem is very sad. It is painful, showing breakage - perhaps broken trust.

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Thanks for your comment. 😎