Nonsense Writing Contest ~ Week One

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I blame GinaBot for what you will read below. And @Enginewitty and @Rycharde. Oh, and some random person from Twitter too. Crap! I forgot @GuiltyParties. He is to blame also. Some could say this post is a #guiltypartiesmademedoit post. I take no responsibility for anything you will read below. Just a warning. 😺

Back Story

My husband did not blow us up while fixing our 23-year-old furnace tonight.

I talked with our new insurance company 3 times tonight on the phone. Talking over a television blaring, while being asked how many pieces of french toast you want, while trying to listen to a soft-spoken woman not answer your questions, can be a tad stressful.

I did get everything sorted, except for a few phone calls I need to make tomorrow to the Doctor. I ate a tasty dinner. I then turned around and saw the mess. I contemplated leaving the said mess for another day. I saw the box of new silverware on the kitchen counter we had purchased over a year ago, never got around to taking it out of the box, and decided it was time to let the new silverware shine free of plastic wrap.

The Kitchen was finally clean of gooey eggs and other things I don't want to think about because I am soon off to sleep. I decided to have a last cigarette of the night while checking Twitter and Discord. Some day I will learn this habit does not bring sleep but tonight was not that night.

In my Twitter feed was a random post from a random guy that showed up because @Guiltieparties follows him and I follow Guiltyparties on Twitter. I am assuming this was Twitter's way of telling me I should follow more people. I read the random tweet. Twitter knew me well. I left the 'random guy' a response to his tweet and moved on to Discord.

Once on Discord, GinaBot told me @Enginewitty had made a post. The title Sosnesne Righting Countess made my eyes wide.

Blame that.

made me click.

Enginewitty's post made me laugh and smile. You should go read it!! I will wait here quietly while you do.

You're back! Now I want monkey bread at 4:10 Am. Sigh...

Anywho. After reading Enginewitty's post I had to go check out this new contest @Rycharde was starting up. Off to read his post, New Nonsense Writing Contest, I went.

I read Rycharde's post. I read some of the comments on his post too. I think I have a good idea of what he is looking for with his new contest. A huge part of me thinks his whole contest went right over my head. 😬 I was willing to overlook the last bit because my brain was starting to tingle.

I speak nonsense all the time but Enginewitty had taken all of the best I made some new ones up! 😹

The poem below is my reply to Random Twitter Guy's Tweet.

Oocha, Oocha, come away.
Oocha, Moocha is here to bray.
Xoxta remembers it well.

Oocha, glutton commenced.
Weedle, feedle, wriggle, and non.
Talking all they could.

Woah, the story of old.
Woah, the memories of yore.
Did you hit your head?

Plinkktin gives strength.
Healthy bones, mind.
Yerkton taketh away.


Alive, grown man.
Get Moocha out of your head.
See life Xoxta's way!

A stone at six.
A rock at twenty.
Pebbles in your shoe, thirty.


Pound words in your head.
Sand becomes glass.
Spectacles to see.

You, Oocha, had the best.
Open your Xoxta!
Store-bought applesauce.



Now you know the whole story!

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.



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Exceptional poem!!! I totally felt what you were writing.

Store-bought applesauce.


So I wake up this morning and decide I need something to do... I'll find a writing contest on Steemit! Well let's just see what @snook has been into. Behold an entry to this writing contest first thing! So now I have something to do. Thank you so much!!!! Can't wait to check out the rules to the contest!

:D so happy I could inspire you to write a post :D

I can always come to you for inspiration!

Hi, your post has made it to the final cut of the New Nonsense Writing Contest. You have already received some MAPR tokens, but there is one last step: to select the winning two (or three) entries. You are obviously free to vote at Select your Favourites from the New Nonsense Writing Contest - Just 48 Hours to Vote!.
Thanks for your contribution!

Awesome! You inspired me to write one too!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :D I am so happy to read that!!!

@snook - Glad you liked it, I had to get in on the fun too!

In the spirit of the title:

Watch this, it will calm you down.


Love this

I like it! There is definitely some nonsense to be had here!


Thanks :D I'm happy you liked it!!

Thanks a lot for submitting an entry to the new Nonsense Writing Contest post (or one of its follow-ups). Will add a link to it in the next update.

and an upvote from me for the resteem, thanks @snook :-)


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I thought the first part was surreal enough... but it kept going!
Thanks a lot, and may your silverware sparkle again.

this was my life LOLLL

welcome :D

Yex! I need more Xoxta and I've tried hard to get Moocha outta my Head, bit it sost no rapplesaucy!

I'm so happy you understood it :D

I think they have a pill for the above! :D Nicely done... no sense in holding back on the nonsense.


Welcome to the life no one tells you about :D