Sosnesne Righting Countess

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Blame that.
And shishkabobbaboobiedick.
Somewhere in between
you'll find whozits
vermicious kenids
a towel
a green fairy
light sabres
vulcan death grips
Felix the Cat
and Care Bears.
Did I say Care Bears?
Ya, and Gummi Bears.
I always wondered if they tasted the same. Not that I'd ever go fishing for any skunks under the waterfall where the bridge troll lived. Billy Gruff might take offense like I was honing in on his grass. Grass is good. It's usually green, but mostly, just there. Holding dirt. You don't want my dirt to start spreading around, it's all brain-eating wormy and such. Because words. Sosnesne.

  • You wanna four? - it's defiling @rycharde's feed. Swiss chard? Meat puppets. Sock drawers? Lolligagging poppycocks. You do.

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This post you just commented on is your entry, did you read it? :P

I have now! Thank you :-)
There's plenty more gobbledygook in our language that, somehow, people seem unfazed by.
Have now added a link back in the most recent update.

I loved this!!!
You made me laugh and smile!!

Thank You!!

and you made me write :D


HA! Glad you found some inspiration sis!

!giphy hug

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Hahaha, my God!
My translator crazy. LOL:)

Did you try then translating it back again?
I wonder if there is a steady-state reached - and whether it's meaningful.

Some of my most used words. 😂

They're like Pringles, once you pop, you can't stop! Or something. Lol😝

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