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I know this man
He's as sharp as the blade of a fan
He kills swiftly in no time
His sweat is as bitter as lime

I know this man
He is dreaded by every man
He makes sure he kills
And probably does not feel

I know this man
He can't even handle a pan
That's when why I try to bake
I end up messing the cake


I know this man
He probably could be tan
I shiver when he comes near
Even more than it would be if it were a bear

I know this man;his name is FEAR
Don't ever wish to go near that bear
He's worst than a beast,my dear
Run! And never go there


fear my dear
the more you fight,
the more it draws near

cling to the light
or stay out of sight

once you let it in
just a smidgeon
it becomes cat
and you the pigeon

only when we drop all pretence
can we leave our defence
allow fear to wash over us
accept our fate
open the gate

smile death in the face
and say ok
I am done with this rat race
when we stop to cling
only then do we fear
nothing not a thing

hope you dont mind me joining in the chorus there, you inspired me :)

Nice piece, fear is a great enemy to man, rebuke it all the time #ZoePeople

My Congratulations and thank you for taking a break from everyday worries. Poetry arises from a particular sensitivity and from the need to express in a personal way, its relation to the world and to itself in the form of words that purify the soul.

Great writing I am honored @margaretwise



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