POEMCHALLENGE RESULTS by margaretwise :) "Poetry touches us at every step" 🗝🚪✍🏻 - I invite you next Friday, join us :)

Hello, my Dear Steemers.

Poetry helps us choose the right way. it is a particle of the soul that allows the development of the rest of our personality. However, it happens that we neglect it, the reason takes everything in power, not giving the possibility of free action of the heart.

Here is another day of captivating poetry created by these extraordinary people.

""True poetry speaks to us before it is understood"

T.S. Eliot

I would like to say thank you to all of you who were participating in the Challenge and also those who were interested in @poemchallenge. I am delighted with your interest in poetry that shows how beautiful hearts and souls are among us. :)


The words that spoke to my heart and stirred my emotions.




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Flurry flower fluttering on our faces,
waves of whistling winds
beating our ear lobes in pain
thistles and thorn blistering,
as we slither like wounded vipers,
crawling on jagged floors,
watching the steaming sun glitters,
bathing us in uncomfort

We're roaming, roaming home
to our truest home,
nose stuffed in wool,
lifeless like the wilderness
conveying us is loneliness,
sweet straining dirges,
sung by watery eyes
and swollen speeches
till we're dropped into the dust

We're roaming, roaming home
coasting, carrying tombs
like honey in catacombs
rotten flesh and unkempt beard,
we've lived like landlords
in borrowed houses
walking the earth like emperors,
until we can no longer feel
the gentle thudding of the heart

We're roaming, roaming home
carrying our kidney and bones
seeking salient spaces to hide,
on journey to Golgotha,
the horn of the ugly one
will buzz like busy bees,
bringing our sleeping spirits to life,
still, seeking and seeking
carrying cases and caskets
wasted hoes and unburied hatchets
life to us is a beautiful mirage


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You shall come
How long I waited
Red saree, bracelets and winking every day!

You shall come
Champa's flower trees are full of blooms of flowers.
At the bottom of the night, firefly turns on the light
You shall come
The bird's ears woke up and after Spring.
Fair stars throughout the sky!

You shall come
The sky can be painted in different colors.
Sounding the rhythm of hearing is bad!

You shall come
I (Azmira) love you,
Your lamp is on in the afternoon!

You shall come
The red roses say
Will you come? This is my fault !!!

You will come because of me.


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I hope you enjoy reading these poems as much as I did. I'd like to invite you to next PoemChallenge next Friday, open the wing and write to my dear friends.

I hope you have enjoyed !!!

Thank you for visiting and supporting my work and those great poets who are among us. My heart always deeply appreciates your friendly words and love of poetry.

Poemchallenge rules:

How to find your poem and help to find great Steemians:

  1. Add the name: "@poemchallenge by @margaretwise".

  2. The challenge is on Friday.

  3. Add below the tag name "@poemchallenge" or add your link under the invitation to @poemchallenge so I don’t lose your words.

  4. To build a bigger community of remarkable poetry please resteem the post. Thank you for your support and helping to spread the @poemchallenge to find more excellent writers.

  5. I am expecting poems on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday I accept only if they appear before giving poetic results, which I always announce in the afternoon of my time.

My time is "Currently Central European Time (CET)"


First place The best poem 100% upvote and resteem by me and @gregbit + 1 STEEM
second place 100% upvote by me and @gregbit. Resteem only by me

Third place 100% upvote and resteem by me. 20% upvote by @gregbit

Have fun my dear don't be afraid to use your imagination, try to believe in yourself and share with us your beauty from your heart. :-))

Good luck .

Thank you for your support :)

I vote for them:

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My work without them would not make sense, thank you for support.

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Thank you so much, I'll invite more people in my next entry,

Thank you. You are very kind my friend. Have a wonderful day :)

Welcome back! Have a nice week!

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there gonna be another challenge? or that was the last?
I like to read and to write poem too, if You wish come around and see ;)

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