Poemchallenge Invitation by margaretwise :) 🗝🚪✍🏻 The poetics of the text are the ability to lead the reader somewhere, or to introduce him into different states

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Friday Invitation - Poemchallenge by @margaretwise

"Poetry does not serve to unleash emotions, but to escape from emotions; it does not serve to express personality, but to escape from personality. But of course only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from it. "

T. S. Eliot

(I am looking forward to read your emotional words. Let's get started:)


Poetry is a writing straight from the heart.
Poetry can hear the beat of your pulse.
Poetry is like wonderful wind that surrounds your thoughts.
I invite you my dear Steemians to participate in this unique Friday at Poemchallenge;))

Share with us your deeply emotions and awake our dormed joys.

If you can, please resteem the post to help me to find more beautiful and charming souls with full of inspirational words. Thank you for your help and support :)

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Regards, My first participation in poemchallenge and regards to your sponsor!
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Hi, thanks for the invitation, I hope you like it, happy weekend, here is my entry link.

Thanks for the invitation for the poemchallenge and here is my entry link.


Greetings Lovers of poetry! I wish you the best of luck in your friends poems.

Nice my dear friend

I apologize since the other entry I uploaded in the language that was not a thousand apologies



hello this is my first entry I hope you like it


That quote from T.S. Eliot is deep! But I get it. Poetry has never been my thing, but it makes me happy knowing that so many people arund the world get great pleasure from it.

As you know, my thing is traveling! I'm now in Kiev Ukrain. Where I can rent an entire apartment for the cost of a shared dorm bed in central and western Europe! So my quality of life has just gone through the roof and I'm loving it. Will probably stay here for a month.

Just stopping by to say hello my Polish Steem Sister! How has your travels been going? Where are you and Greg now? Hope you've been well.