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Hello my Steemians. First of all I would like to say thank you to all of you who were participating in the Challenge and also those who were interested in poemchallenge. I am delighted with your interest in poetry that shows how beautiful hearts and souls are among us. :)


The words that spoke to my heart and stirred my emotions.






the heart is a swordsman
that shoots with precision.
leaving syringe piercings and incision
like deadly vowels and lethal consonants
the essence travels down the vein
like a virus coathed In honey.

painful letters are like knives to the memories
breaking down bridges and building walls.
It cripples the urge to live
like a prisoner of rejection
locked up with reveries of beautiful feelings
smiling faces, but suicidal intentions

when the tongue became a coward
your letters, dotted with red ink.
has left a body sprawling in blood
choosing an early sabbatical to the grave
reading through your monstrous regrets
penned to break my love

your letters are like murder
lipstick on paper, kissing me goodbye
like the fading of the morn.
When the night darkness is come
like the reaper, taking away souls at dusk.
into a sunken place, where I can feel your love no more





We Are Claiming Back the Darkness.png

'We Are Claiming Back the Darkness'

The winds of change,
A world view re-arranged.
No one else to blame,
A great gift of God,
To never be the same.

A solemn sunset,
On the rise again, the power of the West.
This is no earthly kingdom,
We will forever sing to Him.

Unseen forces, unknown ends
Only for those whom on Christ do not depend.
This kingdom age, the dark shall fade,
'I am fearfully and wonderfully made'.

'Joint heir's with Christ,'
He has snatched us from the night.
No power greater than God's,
No match for His insurmountable might.

We have the power,
We have the authority;
Christ stripped the devil,
Christ now holds the key.

We are God's children,
He is the Father;
'Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done'
We are claiming back the darkness.

By Kier Collins (@galacticvagabond)







Listen! I have nothing to lose,
A couple saw a revealing face of love,
I saw the eyes in the eyes
When the warm layer of love fell on his lips:
Then the wings of the ground,
It's floated on the upper waves of the sea.

Listen! The lips of the lips
Now all the lips do not fall off -
A pair of pigeon fly in the sky at large,
Back to the aesthetic search of love
What does drowned water know?
What is the happiness of two eyes?
The inhabitants of ever known float in the sea without love
Cloud that covers the ground.



I hope you enjoy reading these poems as much as I did. I'd like to invite you to next PoemChallenge next Friday, open the wing and write my dear friends.

I hope you have enjoyed !!!

Thank you for visiting and support my work. My heart is deeply appreciate .


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amazing words dear @margaretwise wonderful poem. amazing skill in selecting words.

lots of talent here!! And thanks for your support..

the post is very nice and interesting with full of heart, I really like the poetry, because the art poem expresses the content of one's heart. and I will try to share about poetry in my post @margaretwise

Congratulations to all the winners, excellent compositions. God bless you more and especially our friend Mararetwise.

Congratulations to all, I hope you are very well.

@josediccus Many congratulations! No doubt you deserve it, and congratulations to the second and third position, they all deserve it!

incredible stories participants have shared this is very exciting to read congratulations to everyone