"trying to forget" Poem challenge by @margaretwise

in #poemchallenge2 years ago

Looking through the window of life,
the panorama shows a harsh reality.
I close my eyes and I see you are not
And it is the heart with a strangled cry,
mute before your departure.
It was the errors of immaturity,
the failed acts of forgetting,
and the fears that never flew,
Deadly causes of love Professed.
And with the faded love in my hands,
with a heart that can not forget ...
and my backpack full of memories,
I am unable to forget.
You are impregnated in my skin and my reason.
And however much I try to erase them,
I never achieve it.
There is nothing left but to take you in my memory and as an imaginary friend,
make love to your memory.
But crazy I will not live anymore.
Unwrap! I say
Walk and leave pain in every trace of your life.
Look to the horizon and take refuge in the arms of the one who never fails you.
Mission impossible is to banish you from my life,
but the tears will cleanse my heart,
and wash the pain,
The love that still remains in Me ... for You ...

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