Poemchallenge by @margaretwise; Unparalleled perfection.

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If from a distance I can understand, you can call my attention, it can be clearly said that your work is complete and that my vision was created to detect each of your details, you have a name and you can use it and I can detail it even though all this loses importance because What inspires me to talk about you is your color, it provokes in me that sense of renewal that reminds me that nature is your name and your surname is splendor.

Highlights romance, tranquility and commotion, you combine with a deep look, your colors are changing always dressed according to the ocation, be it summer or autumn you always call my attention so that I do not forget the awesomeness of your color.

I can show my children the perfection with just a demonstration that being green or violet looking at you understand what stage is your majestic version, it is only seasonally so you have to decide to frame your moment and keep that memory for posterity .

Impressive color with which you manage to call my attention again and again as not to emphasize that you are a beautiful impression, I would feel praised, excited without control if a gentleman decides to give me for a moment that unique feeling of being in front of your imperfect perfection.

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Beauty flowers, very nice