A long, lonely walk

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A long, lonely walk


The night is ending, the day draws near.
You wake with a feeling of mild fear.
A strange day, with distant thunder,
A day you are plagued with thoughts and wonder.
You walk to the window now covered in raindrops,
Your mind does scurry and never stops.
You need to escape, go down to the beach,
To put these thoughts out of your reach.


You walk down the path, slightly wet,
Trees crowding in, To the end you now get.
You sit on the dunes, staring out at the sea,
As wild and rough as the sea can be.
You play with the sand, run it through your fingers,
As a past memory in your mind lingers.
You watch as the waves crash over the sand,
You stand and brush the sand from your hand.




You walk to the water, and stand by the shore.
You mind feels more calm, not racing anymore.
You follow the line of the shells with your eye,
You follow the path, not wondering why.
You walk along, the sea by your side.
Just watching the waves on the outgoing tide.
You walk along for mile after mile,
Now you have been walking for quite a while.
It feels good to be free from the clock,
You look out to sea, after skipping a rock.




You pause to rest, feeling relief.
You no longer feel burdened with grief.
You look down the beach both far and wide,
It's peaceful and quiet, just the seagull does glide.
You wonder what happened along the way,
Your problems did not suddenly go away.
You haven't changed a single thing,
But your time on the beach happiness does bring.
The soothing of the ocean near,
Erases from your mind all fear.
You walk along back down the beach,
And by the time the end you do reach,
You smile, and then you turn to go,
Empowered, You can go on you know.





Poem by Sourcherry
Photographs from Pixabay

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Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

I didn't think anything would actually replace a real beach walk. Not even in the beginning. But this was one. This walk took me with it, I felt the wind and smelled the sea and got a free spirit. Thank you for taking me with you.

I felt the rhythm of walking as I read this poem softly and whispered loudly.

I would like to set this poem to sound and read it. May I? If you want, I'll give you a little speech test.

beatiful poem...

like this much..

Thank you for your comments. I am glad the poem was able to take on a journey. You are more than welcome to put the poem to sound and read it.

Thank you so much.

Here it is:)

I enjoyed your reading of the poem. It had nice emphasis in parts and made it come more to life. Thank you for sending me the video.

you're welcome. Found it difficult to read - more, than I thought. I am practicing and your poem was a piece I found not too long to read and it appealed to me.
Let's see how much milage I must get behind me before reading gets more fluid and secure. I am German, so the intonation might be different :)

Wow! These pictures are gorgeous! A stay at the beach is relaxing, refreshing and helpful. You are an excellent poet! The concept of taking a break on the beach and finding yourself better off reminds me of God's intent for us to get rest. From the beginning, God demonstrated for us that we should rest. I think when we don't, we truly miss out on a healthier, happier life!

Something I'm doing more of lately, is calling my loved ones on the phone. You know, brothers, sisters, mom, aunts, friends... just to catch up and let them know that I'm thinking of them. This, too, is refreshing and helpful in our busy lives.

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the poem. It is true - I think today we do not get enough rest or time spent with family and friends. Our lives keep us so busy but in these things that you mention we do find refreshment and encouragement. I absolutely agree with you.