While Things Are Still Good {An Original Poem}

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These are the days of the" I shoulda, coulda, woulda"
And oh, if Steem would just go back up I am going to ….
Or, "How am I going to ………because I only have...?"

And I still say lack is an illusion
Yet it may appear to be so if we do not plan for rainy days
And when we fail to plan,
We open doors to confusion and close the doors to the infinite and unlimited.

We run our worlds into the ground
When the riches are pouring in.
We splurge and then take another drink
Thinking these good times will never end.

And we may think " I have finally arrived!"
And for the longest minute in recorded history
You get to trippin' and thinking you breathing the same air
As the millions and billionaires

You not listening to all the signs
That’s knocking on your cranium
Shouting at you
Saying, “Nah homie you’re not there, you are a long way from being there.
And if you keep making it rain, you will never arrive.”

But if you are able to keep it real
When the Steem is way up
And create for you and yours a backup
Then life want be such a tossup
And on occasion, you can still "turn up"

Keeping it real will guarantee that you remain in the game

Because you were smart enough to have a vision and a plan
Which you carved out of life so meticulously
And then you went out into the world and worked it.
Having a reason for each and everything you do
Others may think you're delusional or falling by the wayside
But you will always know the reason why
You make every decision, why you shake every hand,
Why you are seen in certain places in the midst of a certain company.

You will have no need to retrace the path or pick up the slack

Because you are living according to a master plan
While keeping it under wraps and confidential
All wise positive and exact
You have already seen your way through and too
Because you started your journey the way fortune 500 companies do
From the end
And then you begin.

You realize that if there are friends they will always be there
And regarding those who come and go
They were just messengers bringing you a gift of a life lesson
Coming into your presence sometimes in an intense way
And then vanishing like then air
But you don’t tarry or cry over what could have been
You are still living in the moment
And following what’s constant

And if you are one that has dedicated your life to a cause or
A way of life where you give of yourself
And in addition to that
You give of what you have
And you are sold out in a singularity
And on that one path, in this life-time you will always be

For the sacrifice, you will not go wanting
Life will afford you sacred access and opportunities
And you will eat out of the hand of life
Because you belong to all of it.

And your rare presence in this timeline
Will leave an imprint, as you are a true giver of things that are wholesome.
And you will not be impacted by whether Steem shall rise or fall
You are above it all because you planted
Your passion on sacred ground way back
When you were in full clarity walking in a circumference of magnetic energy.

And it was at your beginning when you made this choice that crystallized for you a life
That, in the beginning, had already been born, had already succeeded
It was in the beginning that you lived your life in full spectrum

It just took time for you to catch up to the surreal of it all
Which had already and too was prophetic the fact that
Your way, your life had been painted completely
In Eons long gone, the songs that you sing have already been sung
The bells that you ring have already been rung.
The goals and visions that you seek have already been achieved by you
Just waiting for an awakening in this slow-motion reality
To unfold and reveal what the cosmos and your ancestors already knew

So we must if we want to succeed make the choice to write our stories
Before we live them. See ourselves where we want to be
And hold on tight to that vision and never waiver
Because when we do we let go of the dream.

We must walk like giants and not grasshoppers
Facing a world that in many ways will try to stop us
Yet it is a given that we are more than conquerors
And if it has already been achieved that means we can do it too.
And that the only thing so often standing in our way is ourselves

So whether crypto rises later than sooner or not

We must rise to a place of knowing
And giving a definite answer to the question. “Can WE Make It Through The Storms In Our Lives”?
The answer being Oh, Absolutely Yes We Can!

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your poems are always such epics, so many movements and important lessons and wisdoms to take away. Trying to understand the meaning, the weaving through all that is noise and distraction in a world of chaos and consumerism to find purpose and direction.

Glad you have left some directions for me here, makes it less likely any of your readers will get lost. <3

You're the best, @rensoul17, always happy to see you come across my timeline.

Thank you @carmalain7, the feeling is mutual. I was on your page at the beginning of my day. It was a blessing your post and your dtube video. You are awesome so glad we connected, your presence in my life means a lot. So many of your poems have been like medicine to me and they inspire me to reach higher.

You are so konds for sharing good post

This is really great

Now that steem is down
I hope you think
Now that the price drowns
Hope you re think

Remember to save when it rains
So you can have plenty when it drys
Remember the joseph in the bible
And what the Egyptians did

Yes, @gaintshoulder I remember the story, thank you for reading and your comment.

Its a pleasure @rensoul17, i know good poems when i see one... have fun

Very inspirational.

how true...wonderful words that illustrate 'richly' the fact that we waste so much time chasing the wrong thing and miss the very essence of life.

Thank you for stopping by @inksanity. I am now set up on twitter and I sent you a tweet. @PoeticSoulRen

Bless your heart @rensoul17. I always feel like every time I read your poems, I have something to take with me.

On the first part, it hit me hard, the volatility of steem can really be frustrating. But on the later part your poem made me realize, as what you've said that it does not matter if steem rises or falls because of your drive, your passion that you have poured out from the beginning.

And if it has already been achieved that means we can do it too.
And that the only thing so often standing in our way is ourselves

On point! When we feel discouraged and the voice in our head that says "You can't do it" gets louder, we should not listen to it. Instead, we push ourselves to the limit and be who we want to be and achieve what we want to have.

I am so glad you stated the latter @reewritesthings because we have to take the same approach with TribeGlobal-love it is our baby and we must continue to nurture and grow it whether others come or not. But I think many will come... I have so many good things to share with you, specifically post series for the TribeGlobal-love blog. So let's hold hands in spirit and keep each other strong. We are the beginning of our own sisterhood and it is a great one. You have such a beautiful spirit and you have a lot of energy I love it all. I am so glad our paths crossed.

The beginning is always the hardest but I know we will be successful in our endeavors for the TribeGlobal-Love.

I just heard from the logo designer we are at the beginning of our talks. Also I added a bot. Now the thing is to learn how to use it. The bot is suppose to greet people for us when we are not there and lead them to read the pinned message at the top. I have got to get some help with it. But I do like it and think we are making progress. It is 1am my time I will see if I can talk to the logo designer now and then get some sleep. Talk with you soon @reewritesthings.

I wish I could convey, what I feel after reading your words that I will surly carry for the day breathing,
Your shamanic poetry has embossed the platform that some live to rise or fall, according to price yet you say is that all? A perfect question to any averous intent, If one could answer that the war in heart would finally relent.

Tons of appreciate to you woman Soul. Has anyone ever told you, you carry the wisdom of Baby Suggs in your heart? So now I will come to the clearing space to listen once again to the heart giving wisdom, of @rensoul17 as a life giving friend.

oxoxo for your resteem so I could find your wisdom and goodness!!

Inspiration junkie