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RE: While Things Are Still Good {An Original Poem}

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Bless your heart @rensoul17. I always feel like every time I read your poems, I have something to take with me.

On the first part, it hit me hard, the volatility of steem can really be frustrating. But on the later part your poem made me realize, as what you've said that it does not matter if steem rises or falls because of your drive, your passion that you have poured out from the beginning.

And if it has already been achieved that means we can do it too.
And that the only thing so often standing in our way is ourselves

On point! When we feel discouraged and the voice in our head that says "You can't do it" gets louder, we should not listen to it. Instead, we push ourselves to the limit and be who we want to be and achieve what we want to have.


I am so glad you stated the latter @reewritesthings because we have to take the same approach with TribeGlobal-love it is our baby and we must continue to nurture and grow it whether others come or not. But I think many will come... I have so many good things to share with you, specifically post series for the TribeGlobal-love blog. So let's hold hands in spirit and keep each other strong. We are the beginning of our own sisterhood and it is a great one. You have such a beautiful spirit and you have a lot of energy I love it all. I am so glad our paths crossed.

The beginning is always the hardest but I know we will be successful in our endeavors for the TribeGlobal-Love.

I just heard from the logo designer we are at the beginning of our talks. Also I added a bot. Now the thing is to learn how to use it. The bot is suppose to greet people for us when we are not there and lead them to read the pinned message at the top. I have got to get some help with it. But I do like it and think we are making progress. It is 1am my time I will see if I can talk to the logo designer now and then get some sleep. Talk with you soon @reewritesthings.