Time Forgotten

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Now as the day is known long before dim expectant eyes
A foreign bird lends her sight to the iris of the fields
And in rainless summer August is born of colors red and azure
September has her palace atop the nightwood spar

In the break of a heart lies a queen in her reign
The silence forbade to endure her quiet vest of snow
So warm they were these days of night
Of a time that I would die
To reach of one that wanted thee
A time that has slept in hearts of regions wild
Unfamiliar with time flower had spun in her sleep
So did the queen return
With petals for cheeks and immortal lips of rose

I was never afraid of death
The dawn spoke lightly of her return
A barren stream that points the dew
Toward pallid evaporation
And the wavering bird out to an endless sea
Undine become born in the light again
It is the crystal who told her rebirth in the stars
When once the wolves of river esteem
Slain crumbled and crushed in palm blue eyes
To lose thee, or be one in this sweeter gain
To prove the seasons undoing
What's never known is safety in the heart

In the morn when a spring is conceived
Its own water tastes of purity of perfection
I danced with heart a lust of a pale diamond frosted
A cherished heart
One of a thief who sleeps in a safe land
Where love lies sordid over the emerald forever
The night left me
A theft of heart, the quaystone abandoned
Nor will the winds break your summer stride
Or hurt you in a season of lavender

The earth her voyage of time
Caught between the idioms of night and day
Fall our paths are shinning in her season
Out of a quick day
A new heart is born
Time is our gift to overlap the past
I have found fall
And I have forgotten


Very nice poem. I really like the 3rd stanza (not sure if that's the correct term) but the part thats starts "I was never afraid of death." Very nice, well done :)

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Very nice poem. As always both thought provoking and reflective.

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