Age of Youth

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A soft age of youth
As a stream relinquishes her watery grip upon a lake
So go the furtive words of loves secrecy
Farewell to these eyes that once lived among stars

You are left formally with a vestige of image
One of tender gazes, one born in simplicity of heart
Soft fingertips of springs and freshets
A filament of star navigates her centuries

A diadem of jewels
Needs not a placement on the curls of pastoral love
The seasons of harvest dine with their dew
Grapes docile in their protective wraps
The yields of daily grain a separation of wheat and chaff
The cling of ships breathing their swells at sea
To love is to live dangerously
But it is not danger that one loves but life

A Young golden mare finds her lake of reeds
A water of no taste, no color, and no scent
It is her cling to life
As it is for a woman
Unbridled in her expectancy of an unborn star
A child of the solar wind
Beyond the grip of stellar burn
In giving a lie of wisdom
The universe protects her aging constellation
So as one is involved in the universe
The universe he will not see


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The beads of words are very precisely woven into necklace of poem.

The line about the ships and the swells really hits home with me. I was just on the lake this past weekend and it really is one of my favorite places to be. The sounds and the smells and the sensory images are just amazing.

Holaaa, me encanto este poema, encierra mucha sutileza, aunque te comparto que la frase mas significativa para mi es:

Uvas dóciles en sus envolturas protectoras

No puede evitar relacionarla con nuestra juventud
Uvas? Es la etapa en la que somos mas frágiles y vulnerables.
Dóciles? Si fácilmente nos dejamos llevar por lo que otros piensas u opinan
Envolturas protectoras? En donde creemos estar atrapados en una cascara que nos brinda protección de nuestros padres, porque ellos la han creado.
Y es entonces donde pensamos que allí no estamos a salvos, que necesitamos, salir y conocer otras cosas, una vez que salimos de allí exploramos fuera y sucede algo que nos hace ver y entender que ya salimos de esa envoltura o cobertura queremos volver a estar dentro y es donde notamos que ya ha sido demasiado tarde, es hora de afrontar las consecuencias de nuestros acto.

Uff demasiado profundo pero muy enriquecedor, ¡gracias amigo por compartirlo saludos desde Venezuela!


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