Swimming through the rivers of survival

in poem •  6 months ago

A souls soul
Living a cosmic path
along the street of happiness

because its the only street he's ever walked
sent to earth
so different
he quests but to find
he finds his quest

A souls soul
travelling through
an earthly reverence

conceived by the confluence of
two great souls become

Birthed in a sphere
like an amazon compared
to none

A souls soul
left alone
yet unlost

searching through the rivers of survival
quest for finding

answers to lead
answers to find
answers to

the streets of happiness
spread divine

In the reason
let the rhythm lift the hearts

in the truth

summoned strength

elevate and serve
secrets of the

a crow to deliver
an eagle to find

only to find
that his soul was found in another
quest begins
quest of quests

an owl to watch

steps abode
way reload in abundance
the only upside
Russian roulette

sweats of pain
a quail to record

spin of life
or death
in afterlife

A souls soul
running on a Ferris wheel

For the
lord giveth and
the Lord taketh

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