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Melancholy times

a good pair of golden verses with impunity
by the embers of my throat
these deep scratches
this gland that rummages
and this gum that barely manages to get rid of its flames
these bodies finally sad
will restart the long reelected voyages
these pieces of skin will go through the air
like comets escaped to their fate
the basins that saw the shadows are empty
only the memories of those words remain
you left greed and orphanhood in my plexus
bites breaks splits
there is a memory that is wrecked in us
it comes out like a pigeon from a nest
and it flies in my
around me on my nude warm
but it dissolves in the dust of heaven
you leave the sinuous shape of your roof
on my pillow
when it dawns in the middle of my useless sadness
like a detached nest and still warm feathers
everything starts and ends
the paper suffers everything and does not blush for nothing

written by @lilo21



Hosted by: @margaretwise

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Nobody has to understand with what secret emotion the purest beauties my spirit interprets, you will understand it because you are a poet, Poetry is the ambition to discourse, which aspires to be charged with more senses and anointed with more music, than ordinary language.

¡Thank you for reading me I say goodbye with a lot of love happy week!



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For Poetry !!!

my world is naked
when you are gone ... the house is empty
and feels sorry for me
when it is stolen by a merciless time

My congratulations I am honored and I feel inspired with such a beautiful soul, which like a torrent of words makes this challenge even more wonderful :)

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