Fearing Change

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Fearing Change
I am upon a path in my life in which screams that of change. With snowflakes falling like hand crafted crystals stacking themselves upon one another; it is here in which I no longer allow fearing change to chain me down. Instead I stand to challenge it; breaking free of these chains in which I have been accompanied by for so many years. For there is a fire inside of me craving that of a simple taste of freedom. A fire in which wishes to leave its mark upon this world in such a way a legend is born. With motivation high and faith lying within my heart it is in this moment in which I embrace what is to come. No more shall I hide in the shadows as the world continues to live; for I have wasted enough time sitting upon these shadows within this life I have lived already. Turning my head to the moon lite sky I am ready to face the changes in which are coming my way.
By Kelly Clegg


Great, I will look forward to seeing how you plan to help others and yourself adopt change and gain freedom!

Thank you @jamesc I am lookin forward sharing my my furture poetry work with you.

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