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Yeah, people might downvote you for any reason. I upvoted this post. So, the best you can do is hope you have more friends than you have enemies. Specifically, I might argue that quoting a poem from Queen Mary of Scots is protected by Fair Use and possibly other things. Technically, there may be no copyright on that any longer. But even if there is copyright, there is also Fair Use. But regardless, people downvote. People flag things. I don't like flagging. I love cookies and oatmeal hehe.


Thank you very much, it was a poem I wrote about the second half of her life. I noticed after I posted it how strong some of the anti feminist stuff on here is and retelling the actual history of women tends to be unpopular anyway. It portrayed her as a strong woman and not in the way popular in text books, but it was historically accurate. I included the points in her life that created a story of someone standing strong in the face of those trying to tear her down. I live near a place she was kept prisoner and her real story is one of such determination, and such repeated betrayal, no wonder she famously chose the company of lapdogs. It was inspired by a poetry prompt on twitter of the wall along the Scottish border with loose stones. It made me think of her, and how people had tried to tear her down. I just don't know what safe topics are any more, and the culture of flagging that targets everyone associated with a user worries me. I didn't know if being pro mary But figured, hey cookies. They are safe right, and who doesn't love cookies.

I am working on a recipe for oatmeal cookies, I shall have to share it when it's complete, but I have added the recipe for these cookies here! Until then, thank you. Have a mountain of homemade cookiesIMG_20190811_173829.jpg

(I will respond to comment replies when I have more time later <3)

Thanks so much for the cookies. Yes, a strong woman indeed.

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