A little original poem by @clixmoney

in poem •  16 days ago

I like to write poems sometimes.

Even being non native English speaker I like to try.

Maybe the poem is not that perfect, but it's a call of soul. ☺

I hope you will like it.

Here is it :

Every post is call of soul.
Steem on and play your role.
Never give up and set your goal.
Be powerful and take control.

And that's true. I always share something directly from my soul. I try to be the maximum honest with myself and my audiance. Steem is a blockchain and everything is here clear and it stays here forever. That's why we have to share our best thoughts.

Everyone has his role in this blockchain and it will be good if everyone do what he's meant for.

Of course setting a goal is impotant as well, to not lose our direction.

And to be powerful to take control of your content.

I hope you like the poem and understand my philosophy.

It's also share this on twitter.

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So full steem ahead, and give it your all,
But when you change gears, try not to stall.
Just stand straight, and stand tall,
And get up quick, if you fall.

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Cool, nice reply. ☺

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Thanks. I'm glad you added my post. It's my first one added to @tts. ☺

@clixmoney, In my opinion, to express our words we don't need to be professional. When our words born through the soul then humans can feel it. Continue this call of your soul and express yourself. Stay blessed.


Thanks a lot. I will continue writing such little poems so. I hope more people will like them. And you are right, we need to listen to that inside voice and share everything we can since we have that opportunity. Thanks for the comment and the upvote and resteem. I really appreciate all this. ☺


Welcome and good to know that you are hearing your inner voice. Have a joyful time ahead.

Какое блокчейновое стихотворение! Мне понравилось!