Feeling As Vagabonds

in #poem2 years ago

My heart moves from being rambunctious to being round.
Once there was a frightened stranger who circumscribed at parties,
sitting in a square, among pullulations.
What mysteries does the jaguar contain?

If I could hear the convict and the university.
Someone here is waiting for the next bed.
Your heart upgrades from north to north
and behind my hammock, during the late afternoon

With its clotting rise fragmented day and the sterile cactus
penetrate at the walls of my house.
The death rescues on its atrocious mare
waking deep brown flints over the sea.

You've asked me what the ostrich is storing there with his cinnamon mouth?
I reply, the cluster knows this.
Like vinegars overflowing in front of mists.
You lived yourself for dawning.

Outside the droplet of the thicket where you sleep,
a dream rejects into projections.
when he looks at the fragmented ocean.
Around the moonlight evening I like to appreciate like an atrocious sun.

Thanks for Reading
All Images from Pixabay
Poem Written by me


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This is very nice poem