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Truly, I'm duly indebted to this great nation
To serve sincerely as I exercise My domination
To shepherd Her ship and sail Her off the pool of relegation
And put the right position in position of delegation
Even though this position is graceful, royal and earnest
I promise to be faithful, loyal and honest
To uphold Her glory in rewriting a new story
By fighting bribery and corruption and attaining a viral victory
Although, I seat at the peak of authority
But the point of contact I tend to combat is the beak of Principality
A bunch of adversities that tends to deny Our prosperity
But be at peace! I have come with the gospel truth to shut the preaching lie
The Waterloo to drown the firefly
I won't just blow Your mind, I will wipe away terrorism
Surely will I take away Favoritism the brother of Nepotism
I will bring greenness to Our patriotism
And a true oneness to Our unionism
I will bring every dead Five alive
Sweetness shall be the witness in everyday of Our lives
No more shall We see poverty
We will eat in abundance till We grow cavity
Our tribes shall vibe in unity
While it becomes of Us in serenity
Our democracy shall no longer be crazy
Verily will I give sanity back to the lady
I won't call the youths lazy
Because I will empower their power and make Them amazing
I shall give strength to initial abilities
Technologies to social amenities
International dexterities to national securities
And meager quantities becoming mega qualities

All for the glorification of Our dear nation
To bring back and come back with an everlasting rehabilitation
To make Her the face of a beautiful edifice
A kind of man among mankind; A woman of human race...

God bless Our great nation
Thank You good people of this great nation
I am President Ayo!

Credit: Inufin Ayomide d'great

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