Death Cycle - Poem

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I felt awkward after a long sleep,
There is a continuous rotation around a straight line cycle.
Every day I'm awake, I'm going to die again.
Waking up again;
At a time when we are tired of this, we are very tired,
Then the situation we face is the status quo.
In this situation, we see Mahaakal, time, and creativity, by imploring everyone in geometrical means and prostrating at the creator of Pythagoras.
At the same time, we also see that the pelted tower of Pisa, witnessing Galileo's oscillation, tilted a little further west; Right at this moment
Those who breathe uselessly believe that we are slowly running towards untimely death or final journey every day and gods are awaiting scarcity in Amravati's high places.
Sometimes we were thrown out of the state of Amravati,
Invalid and cancellation is declared
Or maybe it does not happen.
Due to the arrival of the message "Humans were declared extinct" by the god Caios, the repatriation of the offspring remained closed. Little arms, legs, brains, and fingers did not grow even more than one embryo inside the uterus.
At the same time, Pisa's tilted towers were tilted towards the west;
In the meantime, Captain Morgan's Peg's hands were somehow agreeing with the loud,
"Human beings abolished,
Human beings abolished,
Human beings abolished. "

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