Throwback Poem-Off: Tumbling Back to You [original song lyrics]

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Okay, it's been way too long. I read @mitchelljaworski's last poem, Different Time A Different World, and had the perfect response! wasn't really a poem.

I've written 2 1/2 songs in my lifetime, and one of them is on the subject of forbidden love. So, I wrestled with what to do at this crossroads of our poetic exchange. I really wanted to share this song, but I thought it should be recorded in the artistic form it was intended to be. It's been almost two weeks, and with everything else going on, it's now or never. So here are the lyrics to a song that I still intend to record for y'all. You just have to wait a bit longer on that bit.


Tumbling Back To You

What does it mean
When a line's been crossed?
Can't you ever go back, go back, go back again?
Try to push down the lid
Back on top of those worms...
But they just won't go back, won't go back, go back again.

In my life, I strive
To be good, to be good, to be good, and real and true
To follow my heart
'Cuz it knows best
But now no matter what I do
My heart keeps tumbling, tumbling back to you.

If I made you mine
Then what about that line?
We could draw some new ones and box ourselves right in.
But I know you, if just a little
And I know boxes pretty well.
I know you want out
Of that box with her
But in the end, in the end, I am sure - they all feel like hell.

So tell me what now...
What can I do?
'Cuz my heart keeps tumbling back to you.

What we had before
Was my saving grace -
A sure thing!
That I loved so well.
There's no one around
With timing like you,
But somehow we both slipped -
And then fell.

Now I keep strivin', and tryin', and lyin'
And my heart keeps tumbling back to you.

You've got your distractions
In worlds, some of which
I've never known.
And you have her,
And her arms to hold you.
While I'm still sittin' here all alone.
It's not that I'm crying; no, I don't feel like dying
But my heart just keeps tumbling back to you.
Oh my heart keeps tumbling, tumbling back to you.


What's a poem-off, you ask? Just a little thang that started a little bit ago. I read a poem that @mitchelljaworski posted, from his old-school writing days. It reminded me of all of my old-school poems, so I challenged him to see if we could go turn-for-turn and repost long lost words from the vaults of time. No rules apply, and new stuff might just make the mix. Check it out, y'all. Follow the links down the rabbit hole...

Thank you, everyone!

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Now I’m curious of the melody and I’m hoping this becomes a song soon


Hopefully I'll be able to pull it off. :D

"My heart keeps tumbling back to you" Fun and catchy hook for sure :-)

I have no idea how I'll respond to Some digging in the archives will be done.


Well, I definitely took long enough on my turn. Maybe you should record yourself doing a rap. ;)

Nice heartfelt words. I'm eager to hear the finished melody.

Beautiful lyrics and beloved subject.

Just by chance, my latest music is about the same subject in a similar way.

Perhaps you would like to listen here:

"Try to push down the lid
Back on top of those worms..." Bigger-than-life line. :)