Path of Exile - Entry to @mattclarke's 24 hour Hardcore Race

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Wow; 7 months since my last post. Has it been that long?
I don't remember how to type in raw HTML.

@linnyplant has finally found a way to get me to post something by introducing PoE and tempting me to play through her exciting posts of her PoE journey. The plan was to take part in @mattclarke's Path of Exile 24 hr Hardcore Race and the time has finally come!

Click the link above to see what you need to do if you wish to participate. It is free to play and free to enter. Also there is a total of 160 STEEM up for grabs. Check out the post to learn more about it.

This post is to indicate my intention of joining the 24 hour race.

@linnyplant and I are just in it for the fun of it and to represent some females in the race. But seeing all her training, studying and commitment she has done to date; my money is on Linny!

We only just started playing PoE so most likely we will stick to playing witch.

Account name: Super_Soju

Most likely I will follow the same skill build I currently have (if I can make it that far); I like my totems and minions.


The race/new league starts this Friday night; I won't be able to play much during the 24 hour race. I have a joint birthday party to attend on the other side of town the following day. I will leave it up to Soju to level us up while I'm gone; but from the look of things, she will spend most of her time napping in front of the monitor.

It's all up to you @linnyplant! Do it for the ladies!

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haha, I am not even close to being serious when it comes to playing this! Remember? I've spent more time socializing than playing. hehehe

I am hoping you pull out a miracle and defend the honor of chicks gaming. XD

But the reality is that it will actually be really hard for us to beat the people who have played for longer than us. When I consider how much these people I chat to know, it feels near impossible. -sigh-

There's simply too much to know that we cannot get in the space of 1 month.

Anyway, I was having a minor aggro on that guild channel today as to their claims of 12 mins for act 1. So I was directed to a vid, and I pointed out to them that it in that very vid, the pro gamers took over 20 mins to finish act 1! One guy died! lol

The point of this race is to support Matt. So I am really glad you've confirmed your entry. <3

I need to do mine, but so lazy re steeming.


lol; socialising is part of the game; it is just another avenue for learning about the game.

I am hoping you pull out a miracle and defend the honor of chicks gaming. XD

hahaha yes; that miracle will be Soju.

But the reality is that it will actually be really hard for us to beat the people who have played for longer than us. When I consider how much these people I chat to know, it feels near impossible. -sigh-

That is true; but we're just in it for the fun of it.

Yooshhh!!! Whoohoo, finally you made a new post :D.
And you are entering the game contest! Whoa, I will be cheering for you ladies and for Soju of course. Good luck and I hope your character won't die and kick ass in this race. Try to take some screenies when you're relatively safe, I would like to see your avatar ^_^.


hahahaha yes; finally.
Thank you; I hope my character won't die as well; but knowing me; I would probably do something silly at some point early in the game. I'll try to remember to take some screenies.


Is the contest still going? Or is it already over now?
Anyway, I hope you have fun and get a lot of Soju moments. Like when your character Super_Soju is kicking ass, Soju is sitting at your lap, and then you're also drinking soju for extra enjoyment XD.


Drink Soju with Soju.

The race is still going; started this morning.

Fantastic to have you along in whatever capacity you and your cat can manage :)
Your account is public so congratulations, you're in the race. Look out for my post an hour before the league drops, with a full rundown on competing accounts, so you can all keep an eye on each other and choose chars accordingly.


Cool. Thanks Matt; I'll be sure to keep an eye out on @linnyplant to make sure she is not slacking off lol

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Nothing like a fun race to get you posting! I The cat looks like it has a great idea to take a nap.

I hope you have lots of fun.


Thanks @enjar! I'm sure I will have heaps of fun dying due to silly mistakes lol

Good luck! I am sure you will have fun anyway


Thanks @nikv!
It is my first time taking part of a race like this. Even though I won't be able to play for long; it will be interesting to just give it a go.

Oh, and that soju, she's just pretending. She's a cat with hidden talents remember! She will get you through to the podium!!! lol

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