Episode 3 - YAY! My rants and musings now in itunes store too! This one is special - and 2 minutes 49 seconds.

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Hey steemians!

The podcast is officially in the apple itunes store! You can also just listen to it on the web if you don't "do" Apple.
LOL! It is still free to download my episodes - either way.

Here is the direct link to today's episode. Thank you for your ears. I need them.




Ironically, we absolutely can save time. Not necessarily in a bottle, but time can be saved, stored, and use later.

It's called memory.

All of the minutes that you have ever used, lived, consumed, eaten, and come out the other side of have passed through your brain. Along the way they made a certain impression. At any moment you can submerge yourself in to that flow of recollection and consider all of those minutes that have flown by.

There saved up. You can learn from them later. You can contemplate the shape of things that were in order to determine the shape of things to come.

And all of that time has value.

That's actually why we go to war. It's not about a resource, though that is an easy abstraction to use. It's about minutes. It's about time. It's about securing more minutes in the future for your children or yourself either by having things for them to possess and enhance themselves with – or sometimes just to survive on, or to protect yourself, to maintain your ability to continue collecting minutes.

That's what war is really for. Or, as Patton so eloquently put it, "my job is not to die for my country, it's to make the other poor bastard die for his."

Your job is to make the most of your minutes. They are, as you have noticed, quite fleeting and you only get to do them once. You can experience them forever, but you can only be engaged with them once.

See to it.

Cool thoughts @lextenebris and you emphasized perfectly the point that war is a squabble over time- at the root it is a minutes game. Exactly right. Thank you for your brain. I actually had an entire episode that was to act as an invitation for you- but I realized how badly that could go if you were feeling crabby that day. lt is still in my drafts. i might figure a way to share it because it is funny. You would chuckle.

The secret is: I'm always crabby.

Ultimately, time is the only asset that we have, we have an unknown amount of it in the bank, and we spend it constantly. Everything else in human existence trades on that particular truth.

Which casts an entirely different light on "the attention economy."