The Tatiana Show with Julia Tourianski of Brave the World

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It's that time again, and do I have a treat for all of you Steemians! My latest release of a classic episode of  The Tatiana Show on Steemit has Josh and I interviewing the one and only Julia Tourianski of Brave The World! We talk about making technical decisions within Bitcoin, the relationship between The Silk Road and cryptocurrency & International Woman's Day (and women in the greater tech space). You really...really...want to hear this!

About the Guest:

Julia Tourianski is the creator of the website and youtube channel Brave the World. Her only goal is to influence the rejection of assumed power structures. The first bitcoin address she ever generated ended with "FU," which is quite telling.

More Info:

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Resteemed :)


Thanks, glad you liked it! Julia is a feisty guest :)

Awesome! Keep doing what you are doing @tatianamoroz


Thank you funnyman, I will! I am taping a new show tomorrow :)


upvoted and followed!

Great Talk Tatiana. I hope you are doing fine greetings from Europe.

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