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The living soul known as clint richardson is a researcher of Natural Law, and is the author of a book called Strawman: The Real Story of Your Artificial Person. This massive tome tells the story of how legal fictions are used to control real people, through the wordplay of legalese. In this show, clint explains how the Bible is foundational to the legal systems western nations, the difference between natural law and legality, and much more. The truth is stranger than fiction.

In the epic and huge Plus+ Extension we talk for nearly 2 extra hours. Some topics include looking at the Bible the way you'd look at The Lord of the Rings (allegory for truth but not truly literal), the ambiguity of nature vs. the artificiality of definition, property, Vatican, the NWO & New Age, allegorical films like They Live and The Matrix, and how our consent creates the illusion.

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