Ep#05 - Steem witness & dApp developer @jrswab

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^^^ Cick to listen!!!!


Hey steemians!!

Ep #05 - This weeks episode is with JR Swab. JR is a incredibly talented developer, Linux Enthusiast, Anarcho-Capitalist, Traditional Hacker, Dvorak Typist, and Eagle Scout!

JR is also the creator of @nebulus. Nebulus is a web app that gives the content creator a place to host their content via the IPFS network.

You can find JR Swab on steemit at @jrswab or by heading over to:





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Shout out to @chrispy99 for being a part of this episode!


Can’t wait until the next episode?...

...Then head over to our website to continue the journey with me.


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I am listening to it right now. And it is amazing. I am learning so much. 😉 And I don't think I am voting for @jrswab for witness yet. Let me go and change that 😉

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Youre the man!!


Eheh just voted and tweeted this 😉❤️

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Thanks for having me on! Now you need to come on my podcast 😄


Yes im down 100% 😊

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