P.O.C.k.E.T. Genesis Tokens - New and Free!

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POCkET (the Proof Of Concept Electronic Token) is an experimental subtoken system which operates on the Steem blockchain

Get Your Free POCKET Tokens by resteeming the following post!

Pocket Genesis Post: Resteem this to get your free POCKET Tokens! by @biophil

If you wish to opt-in to the Pocket protocol and claim your initial stake of 1,000,001 POCKET tokens, all you need to do is resteem this post before it is 14 days old.
All Steem accounts are eligible to receive their POCKET stake if they have posted to Steem at least 5 times.
Once you have resteemed this post, you may pay a 1 POCKET fee to check whether your claim was successful. To do so, reply to this post with the single word confirm (first).

To learn more about POCKET tokens please read below and more in depth through @biophil's posts. This token initially has no value or use. So it is up to us the community to create value and use of this token and/or other ones in the future. Having a love of tokens I look forward to what we may discover, explore, and learn this new token and others on the STEEM blockchain!

This token is given away by the protocol so there is no cost and also no future promise of the token being an experiment. Be sure to read more about the token to understand it fully. Below you may find links and some basic details.

Sending POCKET Tokens

To send POCKET tokens to another Steem account, create a post (it can be a top-level post or a reply to some other post) with this exact formatting:
pocketsend: < amount > @ < account > , < optional memo >

Pocket Protocol by @biophil


The POCKET, or Proof Of Concept Electronic Token (the K is silent), is a sub-token designed to operate on the Steem blockchain and interact with its users through a simple set of commands which users can invoke via interfaces such as Steemit.com and Busy.org.

POCKET Announcement by @biophil

What is POCKET?

POCKET (the Proof Of Concept Electronic Token) is an experimental subtoken system which operates on the Steem blockchain; see my article on subchains for higher-level ideas. In the interest of starting out small to learn as much as I can as cheaply as possible, Pocket only does a couple things:

  1. Tracks ownership of a new token, the POCKET, which can be transferred between registered Steem accounts.
  2. Provides a very simple incentive system to encourage distributed storage of the Pocket database, by paying people to publicly confirm transfers of POCKET tokens.
  3. Allows users to interact with the Pocket protocol via existing interfaces such as Steemit.com, Busy.org, and Chainbb.com.

For more information

@biophil's Pocket Confirmer Github by @biophil
My meta-subchain post
Dan's original post on subchains by @dantheman

Look forward to the fun of learning about and using this token and more!

Best, @virtualgrowth



Some many projects, some many coins. So little time. :-)

Yes, yes , yes. :)

Interesting, I need to do more research. But sure sounds cool. Good luck ✌

can these be converted to steem or steem dollar?

Not converted. Some users may offer steem or steem dollar in exchange for these.

I never say no when it's free. Thanks for the tip.

VG... Thank You for the Heads-Up !!

Cheers !!



You need to resteem the genesis post, then post 'confirm' in the comments.

i am did succeed to get token reason is no url are method so kindly if any help will be glad thank you.

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