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RE: What did the Pocket genesis claim process look like?

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Hello @biophil. Yesterday i got my first pockets. They were given to me by a fellow steemian, but i didnt knew what it nor eard of it. So i was thinking, like me there must be others. To change that and Aldo to vive a chace to those who coldnt claim because of their accounts you could make some contests and giveaways for resteeming. The point is to bring more people onboard and spread the word. With more people using it the value also goes up. Tell me what you think about the idea.



I just posted a contest where every participant gets 500 POCKET simply for submitting an eligible entry ​if you are interested:

Its a very nice contest i will give it a try. And ill also re-steem it.

Enjoy! And thanks for the resteem!

There are a lot of those kinds of things going on already! Just go to the pocket category and select "new" and see!

The award-winning actor, @improv, puns a weekly contest in which you can win POCKET tokens. 😀

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